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Why Sell on WeChat Shop?

95% of Online Purchase in China are made on Mobile

With an average time of 25 minutes per day on the application for each Chinese, it would be shamed to miss the opportunity that the application of “messaging”.

A different kind of e-commerce platform

Methods of sale on WeChat are not the same as a conventional e-commerce platform: Social marketing, viral marketing … there are many ways to sell WeChat

Less Competition than others platform

If Wechat store are becoming popular amongst brand, the competition is not as fierce and allows users to purchase directly from their favorite app.


Other Benefits

Your marketing strategy actually have an impact on your visibilty and sells. The fees aer not as high as your usual e-commerce platform.

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wechat store is not enough


Start by creating quality content.

You can create quality articles and add a link to direct them to your WeChat shop. Also, you should ask yourself the right questions about your products.

Play with Promotion & offers

Chinese consumers are extremely sensitive to promotional offers. Your sales can explode when the discount products are limited by time.

WeChat Groups and Q&A

WeChat groups can reach a larger community and have better visibility. If your brand is recommended by one of the users, people will have more faith in the brand and will arise the interest of other users.

H5 Pages & Website

The H5 page is a great way for brands to redirect brands to your store. This format allows mobile users to have a better user experience.