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The Cosmetics Market in China: a Golden Mine

The most Dynamic Market

Chinese Female consumers spend more and more on cosmetics and Personal Care products and are increasing their consumption. China’s beauty market is the world’s largest in terms of sales and market shares.

International Brand First

For many Chinese girls, foreign brands are huge “more attractive”. There is a kind of “premium selection ” that comes with French brands that makes them a favorite among shoppers. International branding is a key to catch this segment of the market.

Luxury Cosmetics on the Rise

For consumers in China, social status is very important. For the average Chinese consumer, using luxury Brands or expensive products is a good way to show their Status. Chinese even in Beauty are “new Consumer” tend to prefer higher priced items, because Higher is better.

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Magic Keywords : Natural , Green & Organic

The population is concerned about Scandals. And due to Food scandals and Pollution Problems & looking for more organic or natural products in the Beauty industry.

Cosmeceuticals on the rise

Due to the rise of its popularity in Asia, “Cosmeceuticals products are Popular because of double function: beauty and pharmaceutical function like Skin Spot treatments, Skin brightening, acne treatment….

Beauty for Men

Influenced by Korean pop Culture, Chinese Male consumers start to concern for their skin. Most of Male Consumers are still quite “conservative” and it is a Niche population that start to use cosmetics.