How luxury brands can benefit from the China’s wedding industry?

In China, weddings are celebration that regroups all the family and represent an opportunity for the family to show off its most important relationships. A wedding represents the moment when you can offer to your guests a good ceremony: photos, after dinner toasting, dancing party, champagne… Attend a Chinese weeding is hard work.

China’s wedding industry is a giant with $80 billion. As weddings incorporate more and more the influence of Western and Chinese, there are lots of brands that can tap into the mentalities of decision makers and define their place in China’s wedding market.


Be aware of the trends

Brands have to be aware of different things concerning this market in order to benefit from the wedding industry. They need to understand the basic drivers of consumer choice. The five-star hotel are very famous in China, they are at the top of the pecking order for Shanghai wedding venues. Each couple need no visit various hotel and select the best one to celebrate the party. Then, they will decide to work with some of the top wedding planning companies in the city to organize. Chinese people is used to pay attention to the food, they want the best wedding menu options to satisfy their guests.

Normally, each hotel in Shanghai has a beautiful ballroom, a great location and works with professional wedding planning companies. There are lots of competitors in this sector.


Brands are able to define the wedding experience

vera wang wedding dress

The choice of the wedding dress is one of the most important parts for the Chinese women. The choice of designers is sometimes very long and very difficult because it needs to be in the range of prices of the customers.  Vera Wang remains one of the most popular brands for wedding dress. Many luxury brands try to enter the wedding dress market.



Defining weddings today is not the same to define weddings tomorrow

Wedding candy are extremely necessary and are shared with guests, friends, colleagues, not only those who attend the banquet. The favorite brand of Chinese people for wedding is Ferrero Rocher that knows a big success these past few years. There are famous for its gold packaging and their taste. It was the first premium chocolate to enter the market with its small boxes. Everyone knows they are expensive but everyone buys them, especially for the prestige of the brand! Sometimes, people prefer to choose something different, unique and meaningful: personalized candies that have the initial of the couple. It depends. Chinese consumers are dynamic and like changing. Those brands that define China’s wedding market today can’t take their position for granted.


Chinese weddings are theatre


weddings in china

The players share the stage with many brands: the props, the costume and the secondary characters that convey the meaning of the experience and allow the hosting families to gain face with the audience. Only those brands that understand the consumer behavior and their mentality will be able to play an important role in China’s beautiful weddings”.


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