As the online marketing is coming of age in China, so are the post 80s’ and 90s’.

Now it’s the post-80s’ turn to buy luxury cars, something famous brands like BMW should bear in mind. Indeed, the German brand studied the current state of the market by interviewing 3000 consumer for two years. The study revealed that the name of the brand no longer mattered as much as it used to be. Young Chinese care more about advanced features than the brand of the car.

Luxury brands, if you want to attract this new clientele, put forwad your latest high technology feature if you want to attract these new customers.

BMW Market study reveals that the market is undergoing a deep transformation

Following the results of this market study, BMW shifted its position from “BMW a symbol of success” to a more “Look at our latest ground-breaking innovation”: internal Wi-Fi, next generation seats helping to tone muscles or steering wheel helping you park your car.

BMW has gained a very thorough understanding of the market but still needs to use the right channels to communicate with its customers.

This involves :

  1. Online PR in tech and high end online newspapers for car lovers more about PR here
  2. Social media : influencers using the car and spreading their opinion about the car for instance : Social media landscape in China
  3. SEO for keywords related to their newest innovation like integrated wi-fi, muscle toning seats and others. SEO in China

Take a look at their advertisement to better understand how they promote the car : the features, the engine are highlighted.

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