The branding of Lynx in China

As the first brand who was bold enough for racy marketing in China, Lynx has to push their brand image into a new level. But it seems they have done it well.
Lynx has launched a large-scale campaign in April. Its precise insight has helped Lynx brand to reach and persuade their target customers: young Chinese men.
Their smart messaging has shown in their posts.

What a teasing smell, my heart has begun dancing, take me swing!

What a mature smell, you must like reading, I just want to be turned by you

You smell so man! You must be sports master. I want to do sports with you 1,2,1,2

From these posts, Lynx directly and clearly promote that their products can help young men to pick up girls.

Branding as super weapon for attracting girls

Living in a conservative county, Chinese young men have long respected its culture of modesty and conservatism. About 30 years ago, talking to a girls you don’t know is categorized as crime. However, all male want to attract young pretty girls and the situation has been totally changed.
Today’s young Chinese men are more aggressive and have a strong desire for attraction. Lynx offer them exactly what they need, a weapon for attracting girls. As shown in these posts, there are no men, but only beautiful and modern girls attractive girls. It sends a message to customers that if you use our product girls will come.

Branding as male leader perfume

Lynx brand themselves directly and also a little erotically. Besides, it branding Lynx also tell their customers that they are in a strong position. In China, girls are in the dominating position in a relationship. It’s a must for their boyfriends to buy everything and make them happy. But Lynx changed the traditional dynamic and is selling the image that men can be the cool dominating guy if they use this product.