The made in France label and the French touch have never been so easy to export.

Arriving at the economic heart of China, French soft power has never been so efficient as a marketing strategy.

The French touch is everywhere in the city. It mostly transpires from the number of brands using French names to boast of sophistication and refinement.

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The most famous luxury, fashion, cosmetics or car brands have noticed the keen interest Chinese already had for anything related to France. L’Oréal is a perfect example of success since it started doing business in China in the 1997. The brand has an image of high end brand that is very much sought after by the Shanghainese customers  because of the French legacy that has been left throughout history.

The “Made in France has so much success with the customers that foreign brands make partnerships with French brands to be able to proudly display the prised label.

Latest example of a long series of partnership : the Japanese brand Uniqlo that partnered with Inès de la Fressange to proudly display the made in France at the front-line of its shops in Shanghai.

This is an indisputable proof of the French touch success.



DS, high end car brand from the PSA group wins it all by promoting the French luxury aspect of the brand image through car design and showrooms

Another strategy to adopt is to use French like names that will be proudly used by the Chinese buyers like the Japanese brand and its Mercibeaucoup brand names all being names using French style

How do you make good Made in France in China?


made in France

Made in France is present in all its forms – marketing, storytelling , visual merchandising – and is widely (and badly) copied by Chinese competitors . Indeed, when speaking of France in Shanghai, cliches are never far away.

A good example would be the jewelry that uses those cliche that are sometimes more famous than the real deal itself among the Chinese to promote their products even if there is only an Eiffel tower. This way they can use the cliche to add a little extra  gglamorousaspect to their product even if they have very little to do with France.

How does a company stand out from these copies to show the real Made in France?

Basically, a French company based in China must play on the true values of France and weed out the cclichesused by the Chinese companies.

So forget the Eiffel tower, forget the cakes whose only link to France is its name.

A company must stick to the values implied by the made in France label.

What are they?

  • High quality products
  • Perfection in execution and design
  • French core values and French designs
  • Typical ambiance
  • Graphic design related to France : graphic codes and colors
  • Relentlessly reminding the origin of the product your client just bough so that they can not forget

An example : the French Café:

Cafe Français

  •  Sell top of the line products with snacks made out of imported raw material (Flour being the most important)·
  • Only French food and drinks found in France should be sold, yet slightly adapted to the customers taste for a blend of familiarity and made in France. ·
  • Insist on the French Café Ambiance : wooden tables and chairs, waiters and waitresses wearing the same clothing as they would in France,

Using this type of strategy makes it certain that the made in France you use will have a long lasting effect at a time where the good old Eiffel tower cliche are simply fizzling out.

Indeed, as Chinese customers grow more and more knowledgeable about the outside world, they learn to know how to differentiate the true “made in France” and the fake “Made in France” With this upcoming dawn of the made in France seen as it is by Chinese customers, the brands need to anticipate the trend and be ready for when the change will be complete.

A good digital marketing strategy to spread the Made in France values to increase your sales

images (2)

The internet penetration rate being very high in China with 45% of the netizen world population being Chinese, you need a digital marketing strategy as well to convey your message about your brand and Made in France the right way

As such you need experts now to design an efficient marketing strategy.

We, as a French-Chinese company have a deep understanding of both cultures. As such we can design the most appealing digital strategy aimed at your Chinese core customers  to highlight your brand using the made in France as an effective marketing tool

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