With over 640 million internet users in China, the largest in the whole world, and almost everyone active on social media, it is very important to know that basics and go into the different social networks in China. Social networking is China is crucial in businesses, interaction with people, researching, and the like. With the different platforms of the social media, and a lot of people in each of them, it gained a huge importance for businesses to market in social media networks to reach different kinds of targets with different strategies involved.

social media way of life

Social media as a way of life

People from all over the world are linking each other social media in their everyday lives, from checking news, updating profiles, researching the best goods to buy, looking for the next thing to shop, finding the next big restaurant, meeting their new friends and potential partners in life, conversing with long lost acquaintances, the list goes on. Most of the Chinese cannot do anything without even remotely checking their mobile phones (with internet access) or their desktops in one whole day. Each person gets to use the internet at an average of 25 hours per week.


Social media’s use in the business world

Businesses all over the globe are starting to see the very broad and different opportunities concerning the social media in China. Chinese won’t buy something without the proper influence or seeing good reviews in the internet database, making marketers all over the globe very influential to a huge number of consumers in China.

Another thing that users of social media tend to do is the sharing of information they acquire. Once a Chinese consumer of some product saw great satisfaction from the said product, the consumer tends to spread/share it among his peers, or on forums, or in different various ways, that makes the news spread and spread all over again. It’s like the phrase “word of mouth” in a technological sense kind of way. It is called the IWOM or Internet Word of Mouth.

Also, there’s a spread of e-commerce markets in China, with Chinese consumers shopping online instead of doing it in a physical store. The reason is that it is in average much cheaper and much more convenient than going into shopping malls. e-shoppers are looking at the price first before anything else while people going out in shopping malls are also paying attention to the shopping experience. Again, using social media to promote products and services, is a good way to connect, interact, and reach your potential clients.


Businesses venturing in the social media of China

Business venturing in the social media of China should take note of this: social media in China is different from the social media outside China, they have similarities, but they are fairly different. Social media in China should obvious be for the Chinese market, and then should obviously be in the Chinese language. The language itself is very complex and complicated, especially if you don’t have a background of it or whatsoever. But, there are also specific target markets to think about. Targeting women for a cosmetic product, for example, could be the case. Companies have to have a clear and concise target in mind, so positioning won’t be a problem. With a proper target, you could go to platforms where you know your clients would see you, where your clients would be.

Social media marketing in China is also more complex than just opening a regular account in Facebook or Twitter. A company should have a comprehensive and very structured plan before going into the social media of China.

And then, there’s the studying your targets, in every way beneficial to your business. Without having a clue of what your target wants or needs, how could you know what’s the best way to approach and market with them? It is best to research thoroughly first, before starting with anything else.

There are also the internet laws in China to bear in mind, with a lot of blocked sites, or also known as the “Great Firewall”. Promoting your sensitive kind of business in China might not be of any good if you can’t promote it legally on the market.

SEO social media

Social media marketing in China

Social media marketing should not be taking lightly by businesses venturing in China. It is very complex especially without a background of anything Chinese. Experts also say that the social media in China is still developing; meaning what you see now won’t be the last of it.

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