The number of Chinese tourists increase by 22% one year


In the Maldives, the number of Chinese tourists visiting the country has increased by 22% this year. The ministry has made it clear that they have exceeded the number of 600 000 tourists as their target for the last six months of this year. The islands still want to set the bar higher especially to the Chinese tourists because their number kept rising for the last three years, and, of course, Chinese become the largest number of tourists around the world.

Maldives tourists and its statistics

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Statistics have shown that, in the first semester of this year, Maldives received 601, 513 tourists against the 539,669 tourists in the first six months of the precedent year. To be clear on the numbers, we’ll dissect the figure of 601,886 tourists as following:

  • 279,886 is the number of the tourist from European countries come in Maldives, represent 46,53 percent of all tourists,
  • 279,621 tourists are from the Asia and Pacific regions, 46,49 percent, and it remains
  • 42,006 tourists who come from different countries in American and African continents.

Tourist to Southern countries, China beats the developed countries

Chinese make over for their discoveries and visits to rich countries, they change the place of their holiday destinations. They progressively take pleasure under the sun, on the beaches, in tropical forest and on adventures. Indeed, China has won the first row of sending tourists to Maldives compared to the others countries. By the end of June this year, the islands had received 171,249 Chinese tourists, 29.80% of tourists welcomed by Maldives, followed by the German with its 43,188 tourists.

Weakness of the islands tourism

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The islands preserve the most beautiful tropical fauna and flora which are lovely discoveries for the people of the North. Emerging from the sea of Indian Ocean, Maldives, are very rich with its white sand beaches and blue sky on head along all the year, attracting non-stop tourists thirsting for their spot of heaven on earth.

However, Maldives have been facing a small problem for the last two years. Even though the number of tourists visiting the island is growing up, the duration of their stay is shortening. The situation is threatening the GDP of this country whose economy is heavily relying on tourism. According to the Maldives Ministry of Tourism, the time of stay of one tourist in Maldives has an average of 6.8 days per tourist which decreases to 0.4 percent stating the department of tourism.

Why this trend of staying more often but less?

Chinese tourists often want to visit more places. Given that most do not have much holidays they will not stay more than a few days at the same place. However, recently there has been a change in trend about how Chinese tourists live their holidays. They want :

  • Personal experience
  • They have new needs

How to lengthen their stay?

A way to do this would be to provide a wide range of unique experiences all at the same place while advertising it on their media such as Weibo, Wechat or websites specialised in travels. By advertising this the right way with the right offer, it is possible to have the  Chinese stay a bit longer. An inspiring example to understand how it works and to know other ways, would be the British policy about Chinese tourists, here

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