The market of products for weight-loss in China


Having a slender figure is a dream for the most of feminine, especially for the young girls and the office ladies. In order to lose some weights, a lot of girls who don’t like sports or don’t have time to sport choose to eat some food for weight-loss instead of the meals. Some companies catch this mentality of consumers and take advantage of the opportunity, research and develop several kinds of food for weight-loss.

As the development of technology, the kinds of food are to diversity, for example, the biscuits, the powder of fruit or vegetables, who have little calories but can offer enough nutrition. Due to many people have already known that the medicine for weight-loss makes against to the body health with some secondary actions, they prefer some “food” which seems to be more normal and safe.

One the most popular is the meal replacement powder of the brand calls “Cpt”(康比特), it’s a company who started in 2001 and contribute to research and invite the sports nutrition food. With the development of the market and in order to adapt to the new trend of consumption, CPT expands the market and pushes out some news series of products, such as vitamin chewable tablet, albumen powder, diet pill, the powder of vegetables and fruits, etc.



 The 3 reasons for the success of Cpt in the market

 1, Recognize of the state

As the weight-reducing medicine may cause health problems, the market is controlled strictly by the supervision department. Depending on the high quality and the scientific technic, the product of Cpt can be up to the national standard and gain the approval; and some products are in the annual government procurement list of The State Sports General Administration. So with these assurances, the consumers trust more the products of Cpt.

2, PR with Yoka

Cpt cooperates with a fashion site with a lot of authorities named Yoka that collects the messages about fashion. Nowadays, people have a consumption habit that they like consult the product on line, read reviews and compare avec the congener products. The presentation of Yoka gives the consumers more confidences to the Cpt’s products.

3, Sale on line

Cpt has its official website for sale and provide the advises and the after-sale services;Moreover, Cpt has its shops in Tmall, yhd…The sale on line makes it easier to touch more targets and panders to the consumption trend these days, especially for the girls who are also the principal target crowd of the products for weight-loss.


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