Market Research in China

Market research in China : what western companies need before launch a new products, make a advertising campaign or decide a new positionement.


Market research in China start from the primary research be more collect data,  existing survey in chinese and translate them, identify the new trends, and the second part is the analyse of these dataes and suggestions.

  1. Exploratory research, pertaining to research that investigates an assumption.
  2. After you have to get descriptive research, which, as the term suggests, describes “what is”.
  3. What is important is to get information about the futur of this market
  4. Your Conclusion, the purpose of deriving a conclusion via a research process.

the first step is often expensive in time to prepare in China because of the size of the country and the different comportment of the population by region, ag…but is vital for any companies before enter to a new market and with such different culture like China.

Marketing China