Sport Marketing in China

Sport has become trendy phenomenon in China, we can note two main features:

The first one is the new trend in fitness … and no it is not the trend anymore of skinny girls with the skin on bones, the trend is to be more focused on muscular girls with nice shape. Although China has appreciated this type of very thin morphology, it seems that the trend is reversed. For what reason? Sharing pictures with friends when we are doing exercises is definitely a way to show to others the will to change in order to get “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Sport and the results that follow raised up some Chinese core values: perseverance, courage and strength to get what you want. It’s also a way to get recognition from the society.

The second point to note is the trend to sportswear clothing style. This is due to the opening up mind towards cultures to the West, this stylish Streetwear spirit from the US attracts young people.

This trend effect undoubtedly benefits the sports marketing in China. How? Here are some points that we will discover together:

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O2O: a new way to sell your products

Trend is on the “online 2 offline” and sports brands take this opportunity to market their sector. How this phenomenon appears? The boom of digital and especially the use of mobile applications has made the online to offline a revolution in all sectors.

The definition of o2o start by discovering the showcase of online products and after that the physical entity.

What are the tools facilitating o2o?

There are 162 million Chinese users using 4G technology and it is expected 250 million users at the end of 2015.

The QR Code tool allowed people to pay directly online and then later pick up the product directly in the shop.

Online campaign

This explains the success of some brands: an effective marketing campaign using the online tool.

freestart campaign

Nike and its infallible WeChat campaigns have become almost a myth. The brand was great at understanding the secrets of this social media in China. One of the most interesting campaign on Wechat was the “Start Free” campaign with the famous sneakers Nike Free Run. The idea was to push users to customize their own basket by enhancing DIY design side of the basket.

Regarding the campaign “Freestart”, you just need to subscribe to Nike WeChat account then let express your imagination by uploading the photo that inspires you the most. After that, Nike proposes you sneakers model reminding the colors of the image you have uploaded.

Since the campaign was launched, there were more than 34,000 uploaded pictures.

The main point to note in this campaign is that it is not a mere marketing operation like other. This is also a way to boost the activity of NIKEiD service that allows to customize his own basket with the colors and patterns available on the site.

The campaign “Freestart” Nike has improved the communication of the brand and increase the potential traffic on the distribution networks.

Videos: Brands are fighting for women

There is genuine competition between brands to promote the image of women in fitness. Brands seize the phenomenon around the gym to showcase their brand. There are two brands that both snapping the torch: Adidas and Nike.

Adidas has set up its campaign to honor women “#all for my girls” and “Unstoppable with #mygirls” to engage women to practice a sport and get them in the sports world of Adidas.

This time the brand has decided to launch its campaign in China, in Chengdu city as ambassadress figure, the famous Hebe Tien from SHE group.  A series of videos pointing out touching female solidarity.

Nike has also launched its video campaign “Better for it” which highlights the main message of the campaign: the motivation and courage to achieve its goals.

At the beginning of the video, women feeling unmotivated then they become to get more and more motivated by saying: “Better for it.”

In addition, Nike has opened its own shop at Shanghai only dedicated to the fashion sportswear for women.

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