Xiaomi, Apple´s Chinese competitor indicated a forecast of 40 million mobile phones sold in 2014. Only insufficient production of its terminals could prevent the Chinese manufacturer to achieve its sales target.
Is there a communication and advertising strategy from the group or real ambition?


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Xiaomi in a few words

In just three years the Chinese startup Xiaomi, founded by Lin Bin won the 5th place in the market for mobile phones in China. To maintain the position, Xiaomi is forced to set high goals to hold.
That is why Xiaomi announced the sale of 40 million mobile phones for the year 2014.
But now she is able to take such a production?

Since Xiaomi is called the assembler Taiwanese Foxconn, also used for the Apple iPhone, the firm does not need to build and invest what could be the reason for a slowdown in production and therefore sales.
However, Foxconn is the world leader in electronic contracting and many customers to satisfy.




The marketing strategy of Xiaomi

According to Oliver Verot, the founder of “Gentlemen Marketing Chine” /marketing to China (a consulting agency for businesses that locate in China), it would be a purely marketing operation.
Based on the same principle as Steve Jobs, Lin Bin seek to cause a lack of customers to purchase it.
Start the rumor of production may be insufficient to stimulate desire in “love brandeur” trigger envy and the purchasing act quickly and therefore ensure maximum sales rate.
Xaomi gets here step by step strategy giant Apple : Create Phones in limited quantities so that everyone rushing to get in first. But it is really the case?

According to Olivier, the firm would not have spent such an amount of its budget on marketing,
communication and advertising for the release of his phone if it was not capable to ensures sales of the latter.
We have understood the purpose of Xiaomi is all about talking to her offering to the press messages and attractive figures so that the media are covering the new and relays information. It works quite well because Xiaomi has trickled in a several medias in the country.

Supported by China

Lin Bin is a marketing genius. Just seeing his Weibo account (Chinese Facebook) which is followed by millions of fans. Large numbers of stars sponsoring products of this company.
Chinese buy Xiaomi and are proud of their national brand in assencion meteoric. Sustained by the government is therefore unlikely to be lowered in the media brand. Although for the moment, Xaomi focuses mainly on the Chinese market, the company intends to be internationalized.

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