‘The sweeter, the guiltier’ is the top rule for cooking industry: meaning that what can most delight eaters’ taste buds and brains is always the food with high-caloric and fat. That’s why we are found eating McDonald’s when fighting against junk food, drinking Cola when resist to high-sugar drinks.


 McDonald’s Advertising Campaign

Health seems never co-existing with deliciousness, so (as the fast food providers) why not push back the choices to your customers? Just like Subway who allows the eaters to choose whether to have one more bacon, mayonnaise, or more vegetable, all depends on themselves: how much fat you want to intake really comes from your greed.

 McDonald’s new concept

McDonald’s starts to try the ingredients self-pick burgers this year from a few of its Shanghai branches. There are 24 different ingredients of 6 categories for customers to choose, including 3 types of bread, 1 type of beef pie, 4 types of vegetable, 3 types of cheese, 8 types of sauces and 6 dosing (bacons, eggs, nachos, mushrooms). Thanks to the pre-education of ingredients self-pick food by Subways, customers are familiar with this.


Mac Donald’s Advertsing in China

Mac Do China


Mac Do Chinese marketing



McDo China




The downside is the price, with the ingredients and weight going up, has increased as well: a basic self-pick set including a burger, a French fries and a cola will cost from CNY 49.00, which may even be expensive for a white collar’s lunch meal.


The concept of Self-pick burger

‘Self-pick burger’ is part of McDonald’s ‘Create Your Taste’ plan. A digit ordering system has been brought in which allows customers to self manage the whole picking and ordering process and pay by cards at the end. Since the purchase below CNY 200.00 is no signature required, the whole process works pretty fast. Once the order is made the customers will receive a number badge while the meal will be sent to the table accordingly. One interesting thing is that the tray you will receive underneath the food is wooden-made: this seems very close to what in some real western restaurants.

Mc Do Campaign China


Mac Do customized burger China



According to McDonald’s plan, there will be 3 branches in Shanghai providing this self-pick service, 1 to be in Guangzhou. It is looking at Beijing and Shenzhen for 2016 as well.


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