Media Buying in China : As one of the most influential source of information, online media or online news press has also become an important part of Advertising & marketing in China.  With the help of online media, companies can increase their brand awareness; improve brand image at a relatively low cost. But in China’s unique cyber-environment, companies need to take care of many things more when adopting media buying strategy in China.


Advantage of media buying in China


Media buying has long been an important marketing tool for companies. However, after the emerging of online media, the way of using this tool has changed fundamentally. However, the advantages of keep a media buying remains.


1. Popular trust

Online media usually enjoys strong trust from the people. Companies who relate themselves with these media will also enjoy the trust. What’s more, in communist China, many media also represent the image of the government and government has much stronger authority among the people than western parties.  The importance of the trust is also reflected in the public relationship crisis. For example, if your competitors spread some negative news about your products on purpose, an anti-rumor news on a highly –trust media will be a very efficient counter strike.




2. Tremendous coverage

In the Internet Age, the number of the visits of online media is huge, especially for those giant portals. A piece of news on the homepage of Sina can easily get millions of views in one day. And those visitors are from all walks of life; at different age; from different places. And because of their importance, the news on those media can always get a good position on Baidu and Google which means visitors will see the news on media when search the name of your company or products.


3. Cost efficient

Compared with the investment on advertising, the investment on media campaign will be greatly dwarfed. In fact, if you calculate the result you can get from online media campaign and the investment, most of the time you will see a pleasant ROI.


Media buying plan

And when establishing relationship with Chinese media, there are mainly two factors to consider: one is to prepare the good content and the other is to find an agency to cooperate with.

meida relationship China

media buying in China


1. Content

One of the most important things to remember when preparing the content is to remember it’s for big news and news has to be impersonal. That’s why it’s called news, not introduction of brands. And in China, considering the fact that most media don’t accept direct advertisement content and the reading experience, an article for media publishing should be impersonal, attractive and persuasive for the brand.

Here are some tips:

1. Title

A good title is so important that it can help the article to get numerous visits no matter how terrible the content is. It’s because on websites of most Chinese media, visitors can easily get lost in a sea of titles. And to make your article excel the others, you will need an eye-catching title.

2. Source

One of the most efficient ways to gain trust from Chinese netizens is to put some content quoted from authoritative sources. The difficulty here is to find the source which readers think is reliable.

3. Censorship

Chinternet is well-known for its strong censorship, but it may be stricter than you expected.




For example, when Wen Jia Bao was the premier, all the single characters from his name were the censorship words which means if your article include even only one character of his name, it will be censored for a quite long time, and it can greatly undermine the effect of the media buying campaign.

4. Language

Some foreign companies would like to bring traffic from media to their website in English. It’s true that English is a compulsory course for all Chinese students to take.  However, English is as hard for Chinese to learn as Chinese is to westerners. As a result, you‘d better prepare a website in Chinese.



If you are hesitating whether to take a partner for media buying in China, try to answer the following questions:

  • Do you know some people who could do that for you in China?
  • Is it convenient for you to communicate with local news agencies anytime anywhere?
  • Can you save money by doing yourself?

If your answer is no, consider about some partners in China. They can save your effort and money. However, when selecting a partner, the following knowledge can help you to tell if this company knows well:

1. Platform

Many companies would like to advice their customers to go to big media which can bring their clients huge traffic. It’s always not wrong, but there are also better choices. Many relatively small media are not so popular, but targeting on a specific group of people, at a much lower price. If a company only gives you names of big website that everybody knows, I advice you give it up.

2. Careful plan

The success of a media buying campaign comes from a successful plan. The professionalism of a media buying company reflects on the all those details in the plan from content preparation, platform selection, execution, feedback and crisis control. It’s important especially for foreign companies because in China many things don’t go the way as they are in the West.




Many problems such as competitors can spread rumors about your news on the media or brand, media can make mistake in publishing, and the content prepared may involve some cultural taboo in China and etc. are difficult to expect before, but a responsible agency will prepare you a solution or help you find one with their knowledge.

3.  Report

A responsible agency will also collect feedback during media buying campaign and give their analysis on the result. So the clients can have a clear idea about the effect of the campaign such as what kind of people like to read? What do they like? Do other media like the content? All this information is very helpful to the next campaign.

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