Why We-Media is not Cherished by WeChat?

With the release of WeChat 5.0 WP version, WeChat 5.0 has become available for all the smart phones at the end of 2013. Some changes are out of people’s expectation, especially two changes which looks so tiny.

One of them is the display of the news feed from we-media, or grassroot key opinion leaders, it is now only appear in a fold instead of showing all the news from different we-media one by one.

wechat 5.0 wemedia fold

It means that the impressions of we-media in front of their targets will greatly decrease. This change is somehow surprise many marketers and big brands who dream to develop their influence via WeChat because they thought WeChat would offer strong support to we-media for them to create high-quality content and bring new users like other Social media did such as Sina Weibo. However, WeChat seemed to have no interest in developing more users or having more interesting content. On the contrary, WeChat chooses to improve the user’s chatting experience with their friends instead.

As a result, we will see in the future, WeChat will become less and less like a media but a pure social networking platform which will also increase the difficulty of WeChat marketing or at least change the traditional marketing solution that used for a long time on China social media.

wechat integrate banking payment function

wechat integrate banking payment function

The other change is the integration of WeChat bank. With the WeChat bank, WeChat users can buy things on WeChat very easily.
That’s the real purpose of WeChat, or its parental company Tencent, to develop its own ecommerce business. As setup of the online shopping mall and payment system, WeChat will become more and more like a combination of social media and mobile shopping mall. I think that’s the real purpose of WeChat, to take share and further dominate the mobile shopping market. Thus they will come out with more and more related functions such as the goods QR code scanning and real-time goods commenting.

wechat try to get ecommerce business

The marketing value of WeChat will also witness a fundamental change from traditional information diffusion platform to a channel to get business to your online stores. What’s more, as the mother company of WeChat, Tencent, is in a frozen relation with the biggest online shopping platform Taobao, those companies not suitable for Taobao will have a new and powerful channel to develop own business. But for most companies, they still need more improvements and changes from WeChat before moving into it, probably before the next version.