MG Masks launches its campaign

“Magic Moment”


China like much of the Asian countries has a long tradition of using mask during skincare treatments. But on the contrary of the western countries using mainly the muld masks Asian rather like the tissue type.

With a growth in cosmetics consumption and a purchasing power greatly expanding in the urban areas, the major player of cosmetics industry had to step quickly into the market of facial mask.

One current brand quite working well on it is Korean, called MG “美即面膜” (Mei Ji Mian Mo) and selling only facial clothes masks. We can identify several factors explaining the success of this brand in the china market.


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So far no surprise, the distribution of the MG masks is very strong and diversified. While the brand doesn’t sell its products in its own stores in shopping mall, the presence in very strong in major retailers such as Watsons and Mannings. Even some convenient stores also start to provide these facial masks.

With masks sold by piece, a strong pricing policy based on discount with large amounts purchased, the consumer has incentives to buy this product.


Social Media

With accounts on Sina Weibo, the major social network in China but also with its official account on Wechat, MG is present on the major online platforms.

On the other hand it pool of followers is not that big with only 181 668, quite far from Dove who already reach the million of followers.


Official Weibo account:

Online sales

The online distribution is also a strong part of the distribution for the brand with presence in major plateforms of online shopping such as Tmall, Jumei but also Yi Hao Dian, the supermarket online quite popular in big cities like Shanghai. MG has also its own online store but as for other brands the trend in China is usually to use online shopping platforms to get higher discounts.


Brand ambassador

So far the MG brand had no specific superstar as brand ambassador. However recently it may have changed today with the launch of the new campaign starring the Taiwanese actress Jian Man Shu “简嫚书”.


Online advertising campaign

Last campaign titled “Magic Moment” was launched last month online with a micro movie, the new trendy way of online advertising for a brand. With a story mixing ingeniously the exotics of a Caribbean city with the main character deafness, it is well done as keeping the viewer on, waiting for the point of the movie.

Starring Taiwanese actress Jian Man Shu 简嫚书and directed by the Taiwanese director Deng Yong Xing 邓勇星, MG has made a great investment for this advertisement. You can watch the following video:

If the link has problem you can directly watch it on Youku at this URL:

MG has been active online with the launch on its campaign, mainly within its official Weibo account, but also with a mass advertisement through the main streaming providers, Youku and Tudou. Also recently, MG has used the opportunity of a partnership with the 16th International Shanghai Film Festival to show-up and include its micro-movie in the short film category.

Official website (In Chinese):


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