Mo Yan’s Book Selling Like Hot Cakes


The first Chinese Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan has already sparked interests with Chinese consumers and everyone is running to buy his book! No matter if it’s online or entities bookshop, you can hardly find any of his book left.


Mo Yan: the First Chinese Nobel Prize owner

Mo Yan, a Chinese writer from Gao Mi, Shan Dong Province, won the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature on Oct. 11. His success is such a big news for Chinese people that all the mainstream news papers has published the news on top of their index page at the first moment.


The Rush for Mo Yan

After the announcement of the new Nobel prize owner in literature, fans of Mo Yan rushed to both bookstores and entities stores for his all books. The question that bookstore owners hear most these days is “Do you have any Mo Yan’s books left?”


Mo Yan’s books sold out on Amazon


Mo Yan’s books are out of stock



The sales of Mo Yan’s book has increased 1000% and those books with his signature also witness a steep rise in price. Some of them even cost over ¥180,000.

Other commodities

Not only books, those business men relate everything possible to Mo Yan such as “Steamed buns from Mo Yan’s Hometown” and “Mud tiger from Mo Yan’s village”.

Mud tiger from Mo Yan’s village


Stock price

Mo Yan’s success has even influenced the stock market. In today’s bear market, the stock price of most social media companies increases from 6%-7%.

Where will it go?

Chinese media and people will discuss about Nobel prize every year during its announcement. And now, Mo Yan has become the first one to win it. The value and influence of this event is huge like the Yao Ming or Liu Xiang of literature. The attention rate of Nobel prize is 5 times higher than before.

People search for Nobel prize increase

And it will greatly increase people’s attention to literature and Mo Yan for a long time.