Mogujie is a Chinese. social Shopping platform. The fashion online e-commerce has become wildly popular with shoppers and the number of this platforms has increased continuously over the last years.

Mogujie is a Chinese social shopping platform specialized on the current beauty and fashion.

Mogujie allows users to share opinions, looking up the hottest fashion trend, celebrity’s styles or the top popular collections are a few of the many features this website has to offer .

The booming of internet accessibility via mobile devices is driving an expansion of e-commerce in China. Currently there are more than 600 million internet users and over 500 million mobile internet users. Forecasts predict that e-commerce will be worth US$540 billion by 2015 in China.

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The necessities of the Chinese consumers are progressively more demanding, therefore there is always room for new competitors. In this sense, Mogujie has found its niche market by becoming an e-shopping mall and a community, which provides recommendations and advises about the purchasing decisions to the consumers.

Nowadays, Taobao occupies 95 percent of the online fashion marketing in China, however, Mogujie is becoming a strong competitor.

Yue Xuqiang is the co-founder of this platform similar to Pinterest as well as a former employee of Taobao, largest C2C e-commerce website in China. Mogujie account with over than 80 million users and around 6.3 million consumers visit the website everyday in order to check the latest fashion goods.

The company has been founded like an answer to the consumer necessity of receiving fashion advices while shopping. Through this platform, users can share pictures of themselves wearing their favourite clothes and other members can comment on their postings.

Most of the clothes, shoes and accessories posted on the social-shopping network were bought in Taobao, therefore the majority of Mogujie revenue are represented by referral commissions.

At the end of 2013, Mogujie added online shopping into its website and hosted around 3.000 online stores in compare to Taobao, which has millions of shops. This is due to the different philosophy of the companies, for example Taobao wants a large number of retailers in order to build a big marketplace, however, Mogujie wants to control the number of e-retailers to give them the chance to have a decent profit margin.


The company has developed exclusive apps for the different mobile devices such Android, iPhone and Ipad. Due to its good job, around 60% of monthly sales through Youdian, the online shopping platform of Mogujie, are made it via mobile.

Consumers can download the app for free and also the app for mobile devices, offers an easy way to share the content and messages across Sina Weibo, QQ and WeChat.


At this moment, Mogujie is the second most influential online female fashion community in China focused on young female consumers. Women have the chance to exchange experience, ideas, deals and fashion information everyday through this e-commerce social platform.

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