How much responsibility should Baidu take for ‘the Death of Wei Zexi’?


The criticism to Baidu search engine paid listing commercial promotion caused by ‘the incident of Wei Zexi’ is still spreading, even includes calling for Google back to China to destroy the monopoly position of Baidu search engine.

By now, commercial promotion is still the most main profitable mode of Baidu search engine. There are different kinds of commercial promotion on Google as same as Baidu.

The authoritative media once reported: in the earlier search results, they labeled paid commercial promotion by using purple or green color to remind the users ‘you are watching the commercial promotion’. But some researchers found that the color was becoming lighter and lighter, and it disappeared completely until 2014. Whether Google is like Baidu, did they mingle the ranking of information and commercial promotion? The answer is yes. When you Google ‘ medicine for losing weight’, in the front of the page and at the end of the page, we can see the commercial promotion, the effect results are between them.


In fact, whether it is Baidu or Google, or South Korea’s search engine Naver, Duam, all is to take the search engine competitive ranking business model. Perhaps to avoid the “Wei Zexi incident” happened again, it must be more regulatory network promotion and refinement of medical chaos remediation.