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“Naked resignation”, means “quitting the current job without lining up new ones”. Although it was incomprehensible to most people 5 years ago, it has already been quite popular amongst young youg chinese tourists now. A survey conducted this spring by Global Times and shows that over 43% of people has done or were considering a “naked resignation”.


naked resignation touristresignation

Now on the internet, you can find many groups of people talking about naked resignation everywhere.
They come from everywhere in China, from all walks of life, with different levels of income, but they share the same reason: to escape pressure.


Why choose to be a Tourists?

Why do they choose to drop their stable working life to go traveling with uncertainty ahead of them?
1. Pressure

Young people born in 1980s bears a heavy burden compared to the other previous generations. In one way, their, maybe I should say our parents, gave everything they can give to us and spoiled us, but in return they all have very high expectations from us. Parents provided their 80s kids with material wealth they never had or could imagine having, but their kids are also facing tremendous pressure from society that they had never experienced. They are on the way to becoming the master of the country, but the pressure on them sometimes seems unbearable.
As a result, the 80s generation is constantly seeking away of escape and releasing themselves of pressure. Of all the ways of releasing pressure, traveling seems to be their favorite choice of escape.


2. Attraction of the destination

There are some places that are so attracting to this burned out generation that they are willing to go against their traditional social values of family and stability to go travel for their own pleasure. In previous generations in China this is unheard of and seriously damage a person’s reputation in the family and society.

Due to technology like television and internet the new generation is exposed to the outside world, they see other youngsters in other parts of the world traveling and experiencing life in a way they never knew existed until now. The well educated and materialistically rich 80s generation, they are starting to have their own way of thinking and they are willing to go against everything they were told to live for themselves like many youths in the western world.



Where do they get their information?

Most Chinese young people are well informed technology savvy and they know where to find the information they need, so internet is the most important source of information for them. What’s more, they are also very interactive to this topic online and share their own ideas with millions of people. And another important source of information is their friends.

Those young people cannot get as much information as they can get online, but it’s still an important source of information because young people today live in a capitalist-like society with different wealth distribution so they to like to compare with each other.

Chinese youth today are well informed by sources other than their family or government, and with that they are starting to have their own ideas of escaping their suffocating environment.



What’s the interest for company?

“Naked resignators tourists” usually don’t have the generous spending habits of the traditional Chinese travelers because they aren’t as financially matured as the usual shopping driven Chinese tourists, but this does not mean a loss for companies. Here are two reasons why they are still an important economic drive for many companies:


1. They lead the trend

Most of them are professionals in the most powerful weapon for information spreading in China today: the Internet. What’s more, they spend plenty of time and are highly active on the internet. So their opinions can easily influence the trend for both conventional and unconventional Chinese travelers.

2. They are the future big customers

The majority of these young travelers aren’t financially stable for the moment, but they are definitely on the way to becoming big future spenders. After they were able to travel and see the world in their youths they can move on to become international-minded adults. This new generation of open-minded Chinese citizens will be the future CEOs and executives of the booming Chinese economy, and it is needless to say that they will once again have the desire to travel to familiar places or even new destinations but this time with a much bigger budget. Click here to see more


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