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What is WeChat?

WeChat called Weixin in Chinese meaning micro message is one of the best known and most used social network in China. The concept is pretty simple, you can actually compare it to a combination between WhatsApp and Facebook with an addition of differents functions. This mobile application was developed by Tencent in China: texting, voice messaging, sharing pictures with friends, sending money, ordering food, playing games and calling a friend.

It is an all in one application on your smartphone!

Wechat marketing Tips


Key figures of WeChat

  • 1, 12 billionpeople have a registered account on WeChat including 570 million daily active users. Among 1, 12 billion users, there are 100 million users that are outside of China.
  • 50%of the active users on WeChat have between 20 and 29 years old.
  • WeChat is proposed in 20 languageversions and the application is used in more than 200 countries in the world.

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How is WeChat used as an efficient marketing tool?

If you want to succeed in your business in China, I think it is essential to have a sensitive and effective presence on this social network.  However, in order to process well with your strategy in place in China, it is essential to understand how WeChat work and the subtleties of this mobile application.

Optimizing your content on WeChat

There are three main ways for your brand to attract customers: WeChat user can find your verified brand account by himself, the user can find your account because one of its friends had to share a link related to the brand on its moments or to you directly or the last one is the QR Code.

Title Important

See the content and scan


So, you have to care about the content by creating relevant content and trying to catch your customer attention. The main point is trying to interact with your customer by sending him relevant and interactive content. You have to attract your audience and your potential customers.

The most important thing is not to forget your main marketing message that you want to communicate with your customers. You have to keep in mind your core marketing goal.


Build a long-term relationship with your followers

Try to make a long term relationship with your customers. The main advantage is that you can send to your customers some individual message or group message to all your users. In order to build a long term relationship with your customers, you must share a pertinent content.

Using efficiently the WeChat features

There is a range of tools that you can use on WeChat in order to lead an effective marketing strategy.

Basic features: You have to be aware of how to use the basic features that WeChat is proposing. You can actually publish 5 types of contents such as video, text, audio, picture and picture with text. Moreover, your marketing activities should include e-coupon and promotional offer. You need to explore deeply the features of WeChat

QR Code: It is now the best way to find the WeChat account of a company, you just need to “scan and add”. This is a pretty genius way to grow your fan list rapidly.  However, you have to be careful to not be too intrusive in the Wechat user’s life.


Examples of Wechat as a marketing tool

Here are some examples of companies that have leading a successful WeChat Marketing campaign.

Nike and its WeChat Fitness campaign

In the world and also in China, there is a new trendy wave about the fitness. Nike has succeeded to lead a consistent marketing strategy on working on its brand success awareness.

Nike is mainly using WeChat as its one of the most important marketing tool through its communication campaign. The main idea is to promote the fitness health side and push women to do exercise while they are not in a fitness class or are easily feeling frustrated to work out.

Here on the video below, we can see clearly how Nike is using WeChat to promote their Nike Run Free shoes. The concept is really simple, you have to subscribe to the Nike account on WeChat and after that, you can take photos of everything that you want. The main colors of the picture will be taken and after, you will be able to get your customized shoes.

Burberry on WeChat

Luxury brands are often present on WeChat in order to promote their brands on this application.  Burberry has been partnered with WeChat February of 2014 in order to strengthen its presence in China. Burberry has launched its own mobile application about the Runway Fall Show 2014.

The idea was really simple:


The WeChat user subscribed to the Burberry brand account and after that, the user receives WeChat message. Burberry is using the interactive way in order to attract the customers, depending on what you typing you can receive your personalized piece of the runway. In this case, Burberry is seen as your friend with whom you can have a chat.

British Airways launches its WeChat Marketing campaign

The company has decided to use the huge potential that is offering WeChat. During Chinese New Year 2014, the airline company decided to offer “a gift” to its customers.

To the first 2014 followers (in reference of the 2014 New Year), red envelopes were delivered direclty to the user’s home with greetings from the CEO and a coupon of 50 dollars.

3 others followers were selected randomly to win round trip tickets between China and London and the flight tickets were put inside gold envelopes.

This campaign succeeds to attract about 10 000 of followers of the account.

Pepsi “bring happiness at your home


Pepsi launches 3 different types of campaigns and one of them was running through the WeChat channel

The idea was to bring happiness home by allowing the user to personalize their own WeChat message with some features. For example, customizing their voice recording with the theme song of Pepsi. This is a way to share happiness with family and friends.

In order to get these features, the potential WeChat user has to scan the QR Code.


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