When Tencent launched WeChat in January 2011, Alibaba was far from knowing this application would become the first instant messaging in China. Nevertheless, the brand didn’t gave up and launched its competitor Laiwang on last September 23 and in less than a month, the number of users had reached 10 million.

So what do Laiwang is capable of ? Well, Alibaba Group chairman Jack Ma Yun has officially declared war on Tencent’s Wechat. So, beside text and voice messages, it also has, like Snapchat, a message self-destruct after reading. For ones, Alibaba decided to separate this product from the other they do in the e-commerce sector. Hoping that even if they « don’t expect this child to shine like his brother, Wechat, but we expect this child to be ambitious and unique, and he should never stop learning » Jack Ma Yun says. What more is there to say ? Well, like WeChat, Laiwang connects users, and allow them to post their daily life and consumption.

laiwang app alibaba marketing china

Alibaba CEO Zhaoxi Lu said that, for a new product, Laiwang is having an incredible growth. Indeed, 10 million user in only 1 month was a successful gamble. It’s particularly thanks to the special function « Zhadui » which gather Wechat friend circle together. Allowing people to find their WeChat contact more easily and send them Laiwang invitation.

For the future, the ambition of Laiwang is to focus on improving voice functions, public account platform but also creating a API access and adding more options to the public accounts settings. To top it all off, they should introduce a QR code payment very soon.

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