A new bad Buzz of Apple in China!


A funny picture of a small child peeing into a bucket in the Apple Store of Hong Kong has gone viral, called iPee5, this photo can destroy the Brand image of Apple.




The Buzz

This buzz spreeds everywhere on the web, because Hong Kong people are angry of the attitude of Chinese, and wildly speculating that the mother probably didn’t wash her hands before swiping the screens on a bunch of Apple products.


Ipee China

Ipee5source here and here


Problem of uncivilized Chinese ?

This buzz is become of society problemn it’s not just in Hong Kong where this kind of scen happens. Chinese bad behavior are now tracted.


pee Chinese

baby Chinese baby-pee-China

They launch a polemic , laucnh propably by a competitors of Apple will show that Apple is a low level telephon for low level people.

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