Compared with the New Year’s Eves before, Chinese tends to celebrate it in a some new ways.

1. Less Fireworks

Due to the heavy pollution this winter, many cities cancelled firework shows this year, such as Nanjing, Wuhan.

firework show

Many citizens get disappointed for missing the fantastic visual pleasure while it may be missing for a long time until the air-pollution problem is solved.

2. TV show
After the intensive promotion, more and more people choose to sit in front of TV with families instead of going out to celebrate this day.

new years eve TV show

new years eve TV show

In fact, many TV channels have prepared more interesting event for the New Year’s Eve show this year.

3. 4D show

Another choice for people who don’t have fireworks to see is the outdoor 4D show, though it’s for some cities instead of everybody.

4d show 3

4d show 1

4d show 2

In Shanghai, a 4D show was displayed on the Bond last night. Tens of thousands of people were there witnessing the beautiful show.