WeChat 7.0 UPDATE

On the evening of December 21st, WeChat suddenly released version 7.0.0, the largest visible update in four years.

The update mentioned that this update involves the WeChat interface, and added [Time Video], and changed the [Like] button at the bottom of the article to the [Good Look] button. In the past, [Look at it] this time with friends. Integration has been carried out. The update involved should be the biggest change compared to the previous version. Unlike the previous WeChat, the new version of WeChat directly changed the colour of the overall page to white.

The following are specific updates:

The interface is completely revised

Compared with the previous interface of WeChat, it is more refreshing, and some interfaces are optimized. However, whether the interface is good or not is more subjective.

The following is a more obvious interface comparison before and after the update:


The main function interface:


The entire page was modified to a white style, no longer the previous one.

In the past, WeChat wallet was directly changed to [Payment] and the old version of [Bank Card] and [Change] were integrated into [wallet]


WeChat search page: The new version of WeChat search adds voice search capabilities.


This interface update is the part that allows users to perceive the most alternate versions. After the interface update, many different opinions are also ushered in. Some netizens think that the new interface strengthens the visual and main parts, making the information more intuitive. It means that the interface with QQ is very similar, even similar to the style of Android. Of course, the benevolent sees the wise and sees the wisdom, and all the new things are not a round of applause at the beginning of the birth.


Added [Time Video]

[Time Video] belongs to the short video application that comes with WeChat. At the same time, there will be a [bubble] button in the lower left corner, telling friends that you have been there, and this button is irreversible. You can’t cancel it after clicking [Bubble].

Users can click on the camera icon in the upper right corner of the [Me] page to record. The small video recorded by the user can be seen by friends within 24 hours. When you publish the [Time Video], there will be blue in the upper right corner of your avatar in the group chat. The colored circle prompts, click to enter his profile page, slide down from the top to play his recorded [Time Video].


WeChat’s content

The [Like] at the bottom of WeChat’s article has become a [good-looking] button. After clicking, friends will see you click on the [good-looking] article.


Added a [strong reminder] function

For important people’s news, don’t want to miss it. You can set [strong reminder] on the chat details page with your friends.

After setting [strong reminder], the message sent by the friend will be displayed in full screen.

In addition to the above four relatively large updates, there are a lot of changes in the details, such as the ability to view a group chat with friends, friend notes page can add pictures or business cards for friends and so on.

Thank you Harry for these Information.


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