In terms of marketing, pictures can enhance user experience and boost your sales.

Using pictures allow increase conversations, keep shoppers around longer and gain client trust, which is key in online sales.

You may have heard this saying : 1 picture equals to 1000 words. In addition, the human brain is more comfortable with picture than text. So, images are a key element in any on-line shop. In an e-commerce, pictures are in charge to attract customers and arouse the interest of purchase.
First impressions are very important when you are selling online and high quality images are the best way to get customers and get clicks on the buy button. Of course, descriptions of products are also important but what really drive the sales are the product’s pictures.


Now, shoppers are seeking first the product images and then the additional information. People hardly buy anything without seeing it so it is crucial that the products come alive via excellent images.

The online markets are paying special attention to the product images. This is so because it has been shown that there is a direct correlation between the quality of the product images and the sales’ number.

How should be the website’s images?

Firstly, it is very important that the images have been made exclusively for online shopping and they should be attractive and realistic.

Pictures’s quality and size:

Images of an online store should be large and, above all, they should have very good quality in order to show the details of the products to the customers. It is fundamental use sharp, clean and high quality images because small images are not effective as a sales tool.


Images on neutral backgrounds and / or indoors:

Another crucial factor for e-commerce is the place where the pictures are taken. It is best if the photos are taken on neutral backgrounds or indoors. Pictures should be focused on the product and therefore a neutral background is essential.


Realistic images:

The images which are included in an online shop should be as realistic as possible. Consumers are looking for attractive pictures, but also they are seeking those images that can show them the real product. Therefore, it’s recommend don’t abuse of photo retouching, otherwise the consumer could perceive a distorted picture of product.


No matter the channel, pictures should represent the actual product for sale. It is better take pictures without any decoration because may suggest that they are part of the product and that could drive the costumer to an error.

Image details and angles:

It is necessary, show product pictures from different angles and also pictures with product’s details. These two aspects are probably the most important for the consumer in order to have a big picture of the product. That is the reason why on-line stores must attach products images from at least three angles: frontal, profile and back.

Besides, should also be included a tool for the pictures’s enlargement in order to allow shoppers apprciate the details of the goods such as material ,textures, type, finishing and color of the products that they are purchasing.

Show more options:

It is better show the products in all available colors in order to appeal to a wider audience. A display of the goods in several colors will help visitors with their choice.


Show the product being used:

Show the product in use help the consumers know what the product does and see if the product suits their needs.


According to the IRCE 2012 report, 75 percent of users said the quality of the product  pictures is the most important feature during the online purchases, while 66 % consider the alternative views of the product as the main feature.

It is a fact that high quality product photos help to build consumer trust in the products and the brand. Therefore, a better product information boosts consumers to purchase and increase trust in the brand.