In an era when the digital economy is playing an increasingly important role in China, companies must learn to look for growth opportunities and understand the nature of business in order to achieve sustained success. This article will bring you nine most noteworthy growth areas of consumption in 2020 so as to help companies to draw up strategies.

1. Sinking markets

Residents in smaller cities are increasingly interested in watching movies, especially comedies. In their spare time, these users prefer to watch short videos and live broadcasts. According to the report, the number of videos released by people in the sinking market accounts for a higher proportion than that of other users, indicating that they not only love watching but also love creating.

2. Generation Z

Generation Z pays attention to the appearance in consumption, also pays more attention to like-minded friends. They are more willing to make friends with strangers on the Internet by “tagging” themselves.

3. Millennial parents

The demands of millennial parents for elaborate parenting have driven the popularity of online “baby only” products. At the same time, millennial parents also have a mature, well-rounded sense of risk management.

4. Silver hair group

Mobile payment has brought convenience to life and also brought trouble to people who do not understand mobile payment, but this situation is improving. Data shows that in four years, the proportion of silver-haired people in Internet users has increased from 6. 7% to 13.6%; At the same time, the number of online consumers has increased by 1.6 times as a whole, which has broadened development space.

5. IP crossover

Whether it is brand cooperation, content placement, or celebrity endorsement, all follow the principle of tone matching. When choosing the IP with its own traffic for cooperation, the main purpose should be to make consumers comfortable and deepen the emotional bond of the brand.

6. Small demand

The “cheap alternative” consumption concept, which is popular among the post-1995 generation, highlights their focus on quality. More brands choose to proceed from the positioning of cost performance and take the emotional needs of consumers into account and make a very clear positioning. further reading here

7. Scene extension

For the platform, how to obtain continuous traffic becomes the key to growth. Its essence is to expand the density of user demand, and thus scene operation becomes the core.

8. Traffic

In recent years, it has become normal for brands to obtain new traffic with the help of stars and web celebrities. However, single cooperation can only achieve one-time exposure with obvious marginal effect, so improving traffic efficiency is the key. Brand user tone, channel selection, and content output are the three elements to find more accurate traffic.

9. Power users

Private traffic operation is not the best choice for all brands. More importantly, the brand flow operation needs to change from “flow thinking” to “user thinking”, activate super users, realize further fission and transformation with the help of its influence and dissemination power, and expand its influence.

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