Why there is no false medicine advertisement?


Good question no ?


It’s not talking about Google,Baidu,,verfitication of medical treat treament,or who we should trust.

Baidugate : Wei Zexi found false medical advertisements while he searched”synovium sarcoma”on Baidu,he was cheated and dead without treatment at last,which was spreaded all around during May Day.

There was even a rumor,the people from Tianpu hospital have been prying who stirred it up.

Maybe they didn’t believe at first that something could catch the eye of the world without spending money and operating.
The death of Wei Zexi,if we want to look into,in proportion to,it should be:3:3:3:1.

Let me tell you in detail.


1/Google might have false medicine advertisements

We always criticise the medicine ads on Baidu,or false medicine ads.I never doubt myself on the subject that Baidu is a company of dishonesty and no principals,and that it did so many bad things. But,there is nothing woring about search engine published ads,these are their best Business model


There are also ads when googling it,including medicine ads,and even false medicine ads.


The Incident of Whitaker 

According to a report of the Wallstreet in 2012,we can find a story like this

David Anthony Whitaker was an American vender who sold fake medicine,he sold them on the Internet for a long time.After extraditing from Mexico to America in 2008,he would have imprison for at least 65 years,to reduce a penalty,he told FBI that the reason he can sell the fake medicine without obstacles and obtained the income of millions is Google helped him a lot,precisely,he pointed out:the advertising salesperson was his No.1 accomplice,they helped him to avoid filtering mechanism,so that they can put fake medicine ads within the search results.

Then the FBI executed a fishing operation.

Whitaker pretended to be a ceo of a medicine company,he launched ads worth 20,000 on Google every month,in order to make him a big costomer,judiciary prepared 200,000 for him. Finally,the salesmen from Google believed him and made contact with him.
The salesmen helped him positively, optimized his website,helped him analyse,choose the key words,even let him redesign the website,delete the purchase botton and change it into a portal site of medical treatment information to avoid automatic verification mechanism on Google-they knew deeply that how to avoid those clumsy automatic key word verification mechanism.
In the end, it worked ,of course.Google was condemned $500 million for paying the fine.
Regarding the detail of this stroy, you can find more detailed version on Google, but this is not the point of this article.

1.2 Three cores of the incident of Whitaker

1 Even if the all-known good Google,it showed some bad information like this fake medicine ads.
2Google knows how to shield the keywords ads,but with the help of the salesmen,it avoid the investigation.
3The American government pulished the illegal actions to the entreprise severely,even Google
4With the three cores,we are going to see the following story.

2.1 The government punish the fake medicine ads

Since 2009,The American government started to reinforce the investigation for the illegal network medicine ads.

At the same year,the supervision bureau cooperated other government institution for one-week investigation,they affirmed there were 136 websites involving illegal sold medicine without permission or with wrong lebals for the comsumers.Then they sent a warning letter to thesewebsites,and demanded the network service povisors and domain name registrars to terminate related service.

In the June of 2012,the supervision bureau demanded Google to stop demonstrating the detox health care products to the public,which it had misleading side on the ads,it mght bring serious harmness for the health to the consumers,so Google was demanded to pulled from the shelves about all the medicine ads with[heavy metal detox].


2.2 Google thoroughly rectified their errors after being fined 500 million


After being fined 500 million, Google planned to change adjust the medicine ads completely, they knew that ads about medicine and health care are very important income resource. If they didn’t build the verification mechanism, the next time would be fined more than that.We should know, the case about the forging data of VW exhausting gas emission last year, VW might be fined more than 1.8 billion.

To avoid to be fined, Google published millions of words about the policy about healthcare and medicine ads, it’s mainly talking about some limits in the policy as follows.

  • OTC
  • Prescription medicine and related information
  • Online and off-line pharmacies
  • The related products and service about pregnancy and maternity
  • The medical service and projects
  • The medical equipment and verification
  • The recruitment for clinical trials
  • The treatment for improving function


  • According to advertising products and service, there might be some difference in the content’s limits about the located country/region. It’s not allowed to advertise in any country/region on some content(like medicine supplements without permission).For example: America, since 2010, all network pharmacies that put medical searching ads must obtain VIPPS published by the government, the people who works  the network ads of OTC must obtain network ads verification from NABP.As long as the owners of ads have these verifications , they can submit the materials and put ads on the Internet.

    Four Cores

    From the attitude and policy revolutions to the medicine ads of Google, we can have four conclusions.

    1 The network company can filter illegal keywords, but they can not recognize the distinguished ads automatically.

    2 However, the network company can transfer the verification procedures to a reliable institution.

    3 The institution is non-profit, it’s most likely to be the government department.

    4The enterprise is all about profit, at the front of little fine, they would rather break the law, but to the huge fine, they may rectify their errors thoroughly.



    For example: America, since 2010, all network pharmacies that put medical searching ads must obtain VIPPS published by the government, the people who works  the network ads of OTC must obtain network ads verification from NABP.The No. 1 ranking on searching [tumor] on Baidu is China Anticancer website, there are China medical science institution and China medical society and some other titles, but they denied that there was someone in their association.

    During these years, only CCTV criticized Baidu just by pointing out the name, be criticized by public, and after the incident of Wei Zexi, Mr. Li talked about the wave about the shares price.

    ads 1

    It was never sanctioned and fined, if the exposure of CCTV was a sanction, so, in 2009, it was fined 40 million in the Spring Festival Evening Shows. But the CEO Li Hongyan was focused by the camera for 8 times.The forged goods on Taobao may affect our using , the fake medicine may make us die.If you ask the people who works on Baidu to search information about illness, we can use Baidu or not, I believe 90% of them suggest you don’t use that.There is no wrong about search engine demonstrated ads, it’s a wonderful commercial mode. But it may have options for the ads. There is something a man cannot do, but Baidu can do everything.

    The ads exposed on CCTV in 2008 seemed to be seen as blackmailing, he paid 40 million, after that he was no longer in trouble from CCT V.


    • For proving, using patients, hygiene artisan technicists; medical education science institution,and other social association and organization.

    • Using liberation army and armed police;

    • Other condition forbidden by laws and administrative laws and regulations.


    After Wei Zexi, someone searched rhabdosarcoma on Baidu and took a screenshot as below, according to the circled areas, this ad at least broke three regulations as above.


ads3It’s a pity that it doesn’t exist anymore.I believe Baidu abide by law, otherwise, anyone can put ads of guns, prostitution. I also believe that there is keyword verification mechanism on Baidu, so why there still is fish slipping from the net?It’s easy to guess the reason, it’s the same reason as Google, salesmen and ads owners are together to do such things. There is difference : the salesmen are not the only ones to do the bad things , it’s maybe the whole company.

Previously, Google made regulations of medicine in order not to be fined by government, at the same time, the ads owners must have admissive qualification, and be verified by Google one more time, then they can put ads.

Since the incident of Wei Zexi, Baidu announced a statement:



In the extending of medical treatment , spaceflight and etc, the verification on Baidu is very strict, it must have the certification of organization institution code, management location and registration place, we’ll see if there are any forging situation. Baidu signed contract with Peking Armed Police Center the 2nd Hospital, not other companies. During verification, the formality material of hospital is true and complete, the hospital itself is national top 3rd, and there is no wrong about the qualification.

In fact, the local hygiene department has no direct right of jurisdiction, which this is a loophole, so the armed police hospitals and army hospitals outsource some administrative offices to the doctors of Putianxi, so that they can get more money. Putianxi used the qualification of the armed police hospital while putting the ads

on Baidu, there is no problem about the qualification, it has everything they need, but the doctors are from Putianxi, not from the armed police hospitals.so in fact, the hospitals are good , but the doctors are not.

So here comes another question, the ads department from Baidu doesn’t know about that? I don’t believe that.

Everyone pretended to know nothing when Putianxi medicine ads took up half of the ads department.

You probably say that how come there is anyone will identify so much ads one by one? First of all, no one ask you to identify artificially. Secondly, you have a strong team of verification, you can delete network disks and post bars that you think they are not adapt to the laws and regulations, aren’t you capable of verifying medicine ads’ numbers less than post bars?If you are not capable, that’s just bullshit? So you’re just giving up the judgement to the right and wrong in the process of pursuing the profit, aren’t you?



They’re doing criminal, it’s not exaggerating.

The users don’t have choice about the ads that are full of the screen.

We mentioned above that ads are the best commercial mode to search engine. There is no wrong to search ads, apparently, it’s wrong to intervene the searching results and cause damages to the public.


When you search[ illness insurance] on Baidu, you can see 9 ads, which takes up 2 pages of Chrome, that means you have to see another page to see the results. Baidu use light grey to mark these ads for spread at the end of the ads. We can’t see normal results at first.

  • ads5
  • To be honest, that 500 million helped, the hospitals were not innocent at all, it’s necessary to have a qualified verification institution without any dirty tricks, I don’t have to say more.


  • Quoted by Li Kaifu : the best ranking of searching results should be the operation results of total contribution to the network community, instead the artificial intervening and change or causing damages to the public.Since 2010, the online pharmacies that put ads about medicine on Google must obtain VIPPS, ads merchants of OTC must obtain the certification from NABP.Since on Jan. 1st of 2007 in China, there is a policy[ medical treatment ads management], theoretically, the ads management in China is earlier than America, why there are barely false medicine ads on Google , but there still are so many on Baidu?


  •  Putian is a big bug.



    More than one media proved that the Armed Police Peking 2nd hospital that made Wei Zexi dead and KangXin investment management company are the same company, the partner on the back is Shanghai Claison Bio-tech Cop, Ltd., this company not only offer technology support, but also help Armed Police 2nd hospital recruit nurses, the people behind the company are Chen Xinxian and Chen Xinxi.

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