Growth Hacking WeChat


WeChat ?


Wechat is an instant messaging application which allows people to talk or share information with their friends.

Chinese people are so numerous that they represent one of the largest communities in the world. Actually WeChat has 700 million monthly active users!

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Users can follow public accounts and thus be informed about brands promotions, new products, advertisements etc…




WeChat Hack


The application offers so many services and possibilities for companies. There exists a form of specialist software: ‘WeChat Hack’, which allows one to bypass certain restrictions.




Why we would NOT recommend using such software?

First, these apps by their nature are somewhat illegal. WeChat Hack is unauthorized by Tencent so we suspect that by abusing some of the features you will run the risk of your account being blocked.

Then, there are some privacy issues, the personal data and security of your phone may be compromised by downloading and using such apps. If you want to protect your personal information, you have to think twice about using such an unauthorised app.




What abilities do these WeChat hacking apps provide?

Manage conversations

You can automatically add people from groups and so create conversations with a huge number of persons.

Then, you can send or forward a message to all your groups with 1 click.

In that way, you can target lots of persons in one time and it is easier.

Finally, you can recover your chat history after it’s been deleted. That it really useful if you missed information but were forced to delete the conversation because of a stock problem.




Manage moments

You can add filters to sight videos on your moments or repost other people’s sights on your moments to generate buzz.

Additionally, you can like more than 100 friend’s moments posts just with one click. In that way you are very active and can interact with customers rapidly.




Increase your community

In WeChat you are normally limited to 5,000 friends but with WeChat Hack you can surpass this limit. Thus you can target more people and so increase the number of your active members.


Money transfer

You can also generate some red envelopes which are automatically opened.




Win at games easily

You can succeed at WeChat games and break records. Thus, you can win some specific prizes for example and appear higher in the leader boards, inviting and interacting with consumers via group games is very effective.


Communicate with the world

You can change your location to anywhere globally when adding people nearby. In that way you can target people from a huge variety of locations.




Why are people using them?


Small businesses might be able to effectively drive sales through adding large number of WeChat contacts quickly.

In that way, they can provide customers with moments advertisements and individual direct messages and so they can get business leads really easily.


There are a whole host of potential ways to grow your business on WeChat.



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