Olive Oil Branding in a Foreign Way


China is on the way to be the world’s largest importer of olive oil this year. This market is now growing rapidly; at a 100% annually rate. International Olive Oil Council, IOOC, labels China as the last big market to develop in olive oil world.
Big names in olive oil like Hojiblanca have not only entered China market but also make a big budget to promote their brands via TV ads. And they discover that Chinese customers like them.
From the comparison between the commercials of local cooking oil brand and foreign cooking oil brand, we can see some reasons.


The commercial of Hojiblanca

Hojiblanca comes from Spain and it is the biggest exporter of olive oil in China and the world.
From their commercial, we can see they brand the brand as:

This is a 100% Spanish commercial, narration in Spanish, actors are Spanish, only subtitle is in Chinese.

1. Foreign

On one hand, this creates an exotic aura of the brand,  on the other hand, peolpe who see the video cannot focus on the commercial but on the subtitle. But for this level of video, it doesn’t matter.

2. Natural

Nature and safe is what Chinese food products consumers consider most nowadays. Adding element of  natural food is not a bad idea.

2. High-technology production

High technology can relates the brand with health and reliable quality in consumer’s mind.

3. The choice of middle class

 The growing middle class in China is the target of olive oil producers.


The commercial of local cooking oil brand, Long Da.

Long Da group is one of the biggest Peanut oil producers in China.

The commercial of Long Da oil


1. Chinese Local Brand

On the contrary to Hojiblanca, Long Da employs Chinese actors and Chinese family in the video to show its local flavor.

2. The taste and smell

Local cooking oil producers like to show how nice their products smell.


3 Happy family

In China, wives take the decicsion of purchasing cooking oil and most stuff in home. And this image is what all the housewives like, although it can hardly be realized.

Compared with Long Da, Hojiblanca’s commercial makes people feel that their olive oil is produced in a modernway and the material is more natrual. What’s more , it fouces more on the olive oil itself more than family.