E-reputation in China

Gentleman Marketing Agency offers online reputation
management for company or people who want to improve the product/service,
brand, image.

How do we help you to do e-reputation in China?

Use our address book

We have more than 2,000 journalists in our contacts


Creating quality content

We create the right content for your project


Detailed report

We provide a detailed report of your campaign every month, if necessary, to adapt it


Communication with customers

Through online media, we communicate with your customers through our Chinese team.

The Community Management

The number of websites to monitor is too big according to the power of the brand or the star. Here’s a very good way for them to solve the problem: community management. An highly-engaged community and fight agianst all the bad news against their idol quickly and naturally.

Online reputation Monitoring

There’s no secret of the online reputation control. The close attention to online media, blogs, websites and SNS regularly is the key.

However, it’s impossible to have news from all the sources of information, even Google can’t do that! But we will have an eye on those websites which are most dangerous for our clients’ reputation. For example, a prestigious website on a theme could be less dangerous than a simple blog very active.

Press releases

Depending on the market segments you are targeting, different types of media can be used. Specialist Press Relations are very important because readers are already filtered and they bring together Chinese influencers – Key Opinion Leaders or KOLs – who play an important role in China. Our Press Relations campaigns revolve around different elements.

A wide network. We have more than 2000 journalists in our contacts.

Regular follow-up. We send you a detailed report on the PR campaign every month.

Qualitative content. We do not just create content, but we efficiently and intelligently generate the right content for your audience.

A team of experts. Our communication with customers via online media is effective thanks to our Chinese team specialized in the online press.

It is therefore necessary to create and maintain good relations with Chinese journalists. These are the people who directly showcase your company’s products or services. These are the ones that will promote your product through various actions, such as putting in the front page of an article about your brand.

Collaboration with KOL

Also known as Key Opinion Leaders – KOLs – influencers share their lifestyles and feelings about products, events, places … A close collaboration with the latter allows to reach a wider audience, thanks to the confidence that the users give to their favorite KOLs.

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Frequently Asked Question about e-reputation in China

What to do after discovering the negative news?

Resort to law: it’s the first solution that comes in mind but it’s not necessarily the best one in China. Indeed, a Streisand effect could appear. (The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet). Indeed, if a blogger receives a formal notice for example, he will inform its readers and thus highlight the practices of the company. Moreover, few foreign companies are able to deal with the law case in China.

Do nothing: Sometimes preferable if you react to a confidential information. It could lead to a “snow ball” effect and cause more danger for the reputation. If the source of the information is unreliable, it’s better not to give any reply.

Start the conversation: One of the most effective solutions. You have to show your Chinese clients that you are interested in what they say. It’s a long-term work which is generally beneficial. We try to establish a link between the brand and its customers.

What is E-reputation on Chinese search engines

Sometimes when you search the name of your brand on Google or Baidu, the first result turns out to be somebody’s complaiments. Sometimes it can be even from online media which is impossible to remove.

The solution in this situation is SEO. Our agency can set up a strategy of content and SEO in Chinese in order to improve the E-reputation of a company, brand, or person. We influence the results to put down the bad results and put up the good ones.