Baidu tieba is a great forum in China and super visible. 

How is the online community on Baidu Tieba built by clothing brands in China?


Baidu Tieba is now the biggest online community in Chinese as introduced by Baidu. It is an inseparable part of online community building of a brand.

Baidu Tieba introduction

Baidu Tieba (Chinese: 百度贴吧; literally “Baidu Paste Bar”) claimed itself as the largest Chinese communication platform provided by the Chinese search engine Baidu. It is an online community bound tightly with internet search services, one of the main business of Baidu. On Baidu Tieba, users can easily post or comment on or build a bar. As a result of its easy access, Baidu Tieba is now the biggest online community in Chinese.


How are the online community of othing brands on Baidu Tieba


clohing post bars rank

Tieba Rank of Clohing Brands

Here’s the most poplar 20 tieba about clothing and 19 of them are clothing brands. These bars are listed according to people sign in everyday (not members).
The first three bars are “ACU”, “Stayreal” and “Supra”.

ACU logo

ACU logo

Compared with other bars, they have very high rate of sign in. However, they don’t have bigger members base. The reason they rank top is their high sign in rate.

Dig deeper, you will discover that all this three brands are deeply related or created by stars. ‘ACU” is created by Edison Chen who shook the entire show business in China with his sex photo scandal in 2008;

 Eddie Chen in sex photo

Eddie Chen in sex photo

“Stayreal” is created by Ashin who is one of the most popular singers in China; “Supra” penetrated into China market by its super famous ambassadors: Justin Bieber、Slash、JAY-Z、Lil Wayne、Lindsay Lohan、Heidi Klum、Mr. Diddy.
All these names mentioned above have massive fans in China. Most fans who sign in the Tieba of their idol is to increase the rank for their idol, not only for the brand.
Another character of these three bars is that each bar has a group of manager in charge of the Tieba management. On the contrary, Nike, Adidas and Converse do not have managers caring about their bars on Baidu.

As shown in the picture below, most posts on ACU Tieba are about the quality, match and price of these brands. They are all created by the fans. So are the other two.

ACU Tieba

ACU Tieba Posts

Then take a look at the following three posts bar of Nike, Converse and Adidas. They are already household names in China.
However, even the most popular Tieba among the three, Nike posts bar, gets a new post every 3 minutes. Compared with 2 posts per minute on ACU bar, this is quite low.

If you check the content of the posts on Nike bar, you will discover why it doesn’t rank No.1.

Nike Tieba

Ads from Nike Tieba

Half the posts are ads and nobody can delete them because there are no bar manager caring about it. On Baidu Tieba, only the manager of the Tieba has the rights to delete inappropriate posts. The same problem also exists in Converse bar and Adidas bar. Annoying ads undermines fans imitative to put comment and share their idea in the community. It means Nike has lost part of its channel to get feedback from customers.

All these post bars mentioned above have thousands of members. They are of course potential customers because they are interested in the groups and choose to follow the bar. Don’t forget there are countless visitors who don’t follow the bar but check the posts inside. And people would like to share information on it. In other word, Baidu Tieba is powerful in spreading news and image.
And unlike Weibo, Tieba community management is still relatively easy. What you need is only a post bar manager and to keep all the ads and junk information away. If your brand is already well-known, congratulations, you will have a big community on Baidu Tieba!

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