Online education is an inevitable and revolutionary tendency of education, which is expected to overwhelm the traditional methods of teaching and learning.

Among the online education, English tutoring is the top concern for Chinese people. The online English-tutoring market is expected to hit $8 billion by next year, according to iResearch, a research group focusing on the Chinese internet.

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Education is the top priority for every family in China

Education technology is such a big business in China because families are willing to invest more than a third of their income into their children’s education, according to Dr. Zhang Weining, an associate professor at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

English speaking ability is a major focus of Chinese education, as it is seen as important in the job market and for future business opportunities. But quality English teachers are difficult to find in China, particularly outside big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, and lessons in brick-and-mortar schools can be expensive.

Even though the demand of high quality education, especially for English education is large, and it’s lubricant to be involved in this industry, quality English teachers are in short supply in China. In a nutshell, all the Chinese people want to improve their English need the excellent teachers suited for them.

English learning is the key point

As knowing what Chinese people mainly need from education, it is essential to improve your education business to meet the requirements.

Emphasis on English learning. English is now compulsory in all schools in China, which has generated the increasing of further private English schools and classes. It has also acted as a conduit for the connection with native-speaking schools, establishments and courses. The English tutoring business, both online and in terms of face-to-face lessons is currently in vogue with the Chinese looking to ‘top up’ their English skills. Because more and more Chinese people tend to study abroad for a better job, English language learning became the priority, especially in the first tier of cities in China.

How to promote your online education business

Establish a quality and beautiful website

A quality mandarin version of your website is necessary. Have a mandarin website allows you to optimize your SEO for search engines. For a better SEO and a faster loading, your website also needs to be hosted on a local server in China (.cn). The site also needs to be optimized for mandarin character searches and should include QR links to your WeChat page.

All sites in China need to be optimized for mobile as the vast majority of online users browse on their smartphones, there are now 550 million smartphones in China. Mobile content can also be optimized for WeChat China’s largest social network.

Most importantly, content of the web page in Mandarin is necessary for the viewers are approximately Chinese who are accustomed to read Mandarin.

Students focus on reputation

China now boasts a 65% online penetration rate with some 900 million netizens online. Chinese society has embraced digital and the web with a fervor rarely found anywhere else. Users are spending on average 3 hours per day browsing online and will research extensively for abroad education opportunities.

Thus the e-reputation online of your education business is one of the initial factors to contemplate. The good e-reputation will bring the clients in a row without too much effort.

Work on SEO ranking

As mentioned above, e-reputation is the key to success for your business at this age of Internet. SEO will help you for a better reputation because almost everyone in China will search some related information on the SEO first.

Working on SEO is quite effective. China’s Google is Baidu, a giant that presides over 75% of the search engine market. It is thus vital to increase the ranking of your school on this platform.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that works to rank a school’s official website in the natural search results over time. This is where the highest quality student prospects are found. Parents (often the decision makers) will extensively browse through Baidu results based on keyword searches.

GMA worked with Wellington International College Shanghai to establish a strong SEO Campaign.

In Fact, Founded in 1853, the college represents a living memorial to the Duke of Wellington, sought to deliver an inspirational education for all of its pupils. Actually Wellington is on the 1st page with some keywords.

Grow followers and trust in social media

It is important to know, Chinese students and young people are addicted to social media, so it is easier to promote your school via sorts of social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo. There are over 850 million users on WeChat and over 300 million on Weibo.

Your institution needs to be present on social media with an Official Account. Having an Official Account is essential in China. When you will start to create your Official Account on the social media platforms, they will ask you a lot of information. This information allows the social media platform to confirm that you are the original brand and no an impostor. When you, finally are accepted, Chinese users know that you are the real one and they can trust you.

Forums can be useful

Like all kinds of social media, forums are the perfect place to promote your business and communicate with others further. Educational forums are popular in China, people will visit to research education options and discuss with others, the Chinese still have this more collective mindset, they need to validate their choices with other like-minded prospects.

In addition, they trust more the advices of their peers than the schools. The best forums for education are Baidu Tieba, Zhozhui and QQ.

Education influencers will give you a hand

Normally, Chinese people will trust a popular or famous influencer more than anyone else and it is a good way to convert an education influencer to the client.

Recruiting an influencer to represent your institution from a prestigious academic background in China is expensive but allows you to tap into a large base of followers. Key Opinion Leaders are more effective in China because users tend to be more impressionable, they highly value the status of such individuals.

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