Online Marketing helps new market entrants

Social Networks in China

The Chinese market is difficult to handle, especially for new market entrants. Indeed, you cannot begin your business without planning a marketing strategy to promote your brand. First, you need to create your own page on social networks such as Weibo or Wechat: these platforms enable you to attract Chinese customers who will then discover your brands’ products.

Here are guidelines to ensure brands’ products promotion.

First things first: communicate about your brand

Foreign brands coming onto the Chinese market need to plan precisely their online strategy before proposing their products. It is important to take care of Chinese customers’ expectations, which are very special. They are not similar to what you may have encountered until now. The Chinese population is very connected. Today, social media get a huge impact on this population, and they represent an opportunity to develop your experience regarding their purchasing skills, their wishes among your products and your offers. As a consequence, using famous social networks is the best solution for you to attract them thanks to these information channels.

That is why you need to develop your brand online. You will then develop it thanks to your website. This is the first step to make your brand even more popular. Nowadays, most of Chinese people have a smartphone and use it for any reason. Consequently, you have to take the advantage of mobile traffic instead of the basic PC one.

Be careful, it is more comfortable to be hosted in China because of the Great Firewall of China. Indeed, if you use Western platforms, your brand may never encounter Chinese consumers…

Brands have to consider Chinese followers and learn how to attract them. You have to learn more about the new target audience, test their wishes and choose what type of language will best entertain them.

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Follow the rules of the Chinese web

Companies need an ICP license and a registered entity in China to be allowed to host their website. Nevertheless, they can host it in Hong Kong and then transfer hosting to mainland China. This point is part of a new market entrants’ strategy to reach the Chinese market.

Though, this is not the most important strategy point. Indeed, your brand must have a “.cn” instead of “.com”. This is an attractiveness feature too. SEO Baidu better likes websites hosting in China and the websites’ content such as external and internal link.

You have to be careful regarding Chinese market SEO rules and upgrade your skills in this area. Indeed, online marketing is a world where an idea is quickly copied by competitors.

 Attract your customers’ interest: be visible and engaging

Weibo and Wechat

You have to find the best way to captivate the targeted audience thanks to promoting your brand. Here comes the social network platforms utility. You can share and promote your brand by creating e-commerce platforms.

First of all, brands can pay Baidu or other platforms for ads. Then, followers click on these ads and can visit your website with a good content. In addition, you must choose the right keywords in order to highlight some strategy points and show your brand skills.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about brands’ websites content, value and structure and its efficiency depends on how attractive to Chinese consumers the chosen keywords are. Then, brands can adapt and develop their strategy regarding these results.

Your brand’s website has to be interactive. Indeed, Chinese users like to scroll through pages. That’s why a website always has to be updated with new pages and new ads. Users want to browse your pages again and again. On pages, various touch points must be available in order to approach every users’ expectations. Indeed, it will develop your users’ interests and their trust towards your brand. Be patient, this will take some time but it will maintain your relationship with your future consumers. Thus, using various platforms services and sharing information on many websites is an advantage in order to develop your brand’s online popularity. Hence, users know where to look you up, find you and you can then expand your brand on other platforms. This will increase the social identity of your brand.

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Do you want more followers?

If you want to expand your popularity, you can cooperate with other companies which have a bigger audience and are more popular than your brand. This will bring users straight onto your website. In addition, if your brand is promoted by another famous brands, it will help its followers to have a better image of your brand. This will increase the probability of attracting some more customers, who will then become the most loyal of them all!

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