At this time is more important than ever improve your hotel’s websites in order to attract more tourists.

It is crucial develop a online marketing strategy to increase hotel sales.

During the past decade, the enormous amount of domestic travel through China have increased over 10 percent each year. As a result, hotel online marketing and branding are very important tools.

Marketing plays a vital role in the daily operations of the hotels. The marketing strategies have a great impact on hotels’s benefits. Due to the fast development of online business in China, tourists are willing to choose and book hotels on the internet.

Qunar is one of the world’s most popular and comprehensive Chinese’s travel platform information. The company has observed the hotel market sector in China and due to that, Qunar truly understands the hotel sector in China. It has an extraordinary access to insights about behavior of costumers and hotels because acts as a liaison among suppliers and consumers.


There are many differences between Chinese travel market and Western markets. It should keep in mind that Chinese hotel sector is a highly dispersed industry with low brand recognition. However, the Western travel market is dominated by important hotel groups like Marriot or Hilton that own a strong brand recognition and loyalty.

According to Smith Travel Research, Inc., in the United States, nation-wide hotel franchises are controlling over 70 percent of the hotel market. At the same time, Chinese sector is more scattered and there is less hotel chains, being the majority of them budget chains like 7 Days and Home Inns. Nonetheless, due to the new and increasing middle class, the large global hotel brands are starting to increase its popularity.

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Chinese consumer behavior is also different. Most of the times they make the reservations at the last minute. The average hotel booking is around 7 days in advance, in contrast to the western average hotel booking which is about 3 weeks, as reported by TripAdvisor.

It is crucial using an effective online marketing strategy, in order to promote the hotel. It should make a research of market and user behavior to improve the online marketing strategy. It is important to keep in mind the following tips:

Perfect website content and structure.

Image and content are essential features to improve the website’s visits. The site must be clear and impressive in order to gain clients.



A video introducing your hotel and your highly qualified staff providing services Chinese tourists need (ie :Mandarin speaking staff, wife, top notch bedrooms and so on)

Optimized reservation system.

The costumers are seeking for a convenient and easy reservation system. The tools as search, paymend methods and order confirmation should be simple. Hotel’s site to must keep up with those fulfillment requirements.


According to a survey, in hotel search, about 79 percent clicks go to the top 4 ranking websites, the it is decisive be in a high-position on SEO rankings. Go and take a look here to learn more about how to do SEO on Baidu, the most important search engine in China

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Advertising on social media.

China population use social media to discuss their experiences, share personal reviews and for product research. As a result of that fact, social media has a great influence over chinese costumers. That tool allows consumers can identify themselves with the hotel before, during and after service.Some of the most popular microbloggin sites in China are Qzone, Wechat, Sina Weibo and Renren between many others.

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For example, Shangri- La Hotel Group is doing an excellent job. It is the hotel chain with more followers on Sina Weibo and Youku has a app for Iphone and Ipad application only in Chinese Itunes Store.


As we have seen, online marketing play an important role in hotel market. It is necessary develop an online marketing strategy in order to attract more consumers and the hotels should know it.


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