E-marketing, the future for imported wine in China

China consumes 40% of the wine in Asia. Further more, the market is still expanding. More and more companies turn to E-marketing instead of dealers.

e-marketing wine china


The development of the market

According to IWSR, the middle and high class consumers in China will amount to 34 million and wine culture spread wide and deep, imported wine will take 30% share of this expanding market. Most wine companies are small in size and traditional in marketing and sales mode.

The traditional mode has long been a problem because of its high cost and low turnout. So, more and more companies now shift their focus on E-marketing.
There have been more than 100 website specialized in wine in China and this number is still quickly increasing.


  1. Website has already become the first choice for people, especially young people
  2. Meet requirements from different customers
  3. Avoid the inconvenience of regional differences
  4. Less demand for money and time
  5. More individuation
  6. No intermediate links
  7. Easy to keep customer database


  1. Fake wine undermine customers’ trust on website
  2. Risk in delivery

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