Reputation Benefits Taobao Cosmetics Business


Photo of Xiao Xin

It’s hard to relate the girl in the picture with “successful businesswoman” or “40 million turnover”. But “Xiao Xin”, a beautiful girl born in 1988 developed her online shop on Taobao from 0 to 40 million turnover in only 4 years.

Xiao Xin started her Taobao (the biggest online business platform in China)cosmetics business in 2008. Her products are all focused on cosmetics for sensitive skin.

The biggest question is there has already been many online shops selling cosmetics for sensitive skin. How can her shop become so outstanding?

As Xiao Xin introduced that her key to success is reputation building. Let us analyze the key factors to her success:

1. Professional articles

Xiao Xin and her team created articles about skin care knowledge and tips everyday on forums and SNS. This greatly increases customers, especially female consumers’ trust. According to a research on Chinese online female consumers by Women of China, it’s easy for them to trust the information online.


2. Real case

To gain trust from customers, Xiao Xin only sells the product that works on her own very sensitive skin.


3. Opinion Leaders

The online key opinion leaders helped Xiao Xin’s business a lot. Those online celebrities like Shen Yi Qiu(model), Tu Tu (video star), Lu Xi(writer) uses and comments on her products. These key opinion leaders influences consumers greatly.

4. Interactivity

Unlike entities stores, many people visit and ask questions on online stores. So Xiao Xin and her team have to spend a lot of answering questions everyday. And their efforts pay off. Through good customer service it shows consumers this is a professional establishment which gives them a peace of mind to buy any products on Xiao Xin’s site.

Do you think reputation is vital for cosmetics sales in China? What factors do you think are also important for online cosmetics sales?