South East Asian is facing the best opportunity of tourist boom from China ever from now!

The outbound travel market will exceed 100 billion USD in 2015 for sure, according to the estimation from China National Tourism Institute.1

Another significant change is the travel type from sightseeing to leisure travel. And since the local travel destinations in China are not prepared yet, the impatient Chinese tourists are choosing the international tourism islands as their vacation destinations.

And this will last for years. Because the development of the competitors, mainly Chinese local destinations will take years and other destinations such as Mauritius are too far.

How to catch the market?

To attract Chinese tourists to your island, you will need to provide the RIGHT content on the RIGHT place.











RIGHT content

According to my experience, nothing can attract a Chinese tourist to buy the ticket to your island than a long, detailed travel note from another Chinese tourists view. It works on 3 basis:
1. Attractive, high resolution pictures and videos
Nice pictures and videos and arouse deep empathy from the Chinese tourists and therefore generate an impulse from their mind to lead them towards your island.
One picture speaks louder than 10 000 words!
2. Narration from another Chinese
Many Chinese tourists are afraid to go to an island because they haven’t seen other Chinese step on it. And since Chinese like to follow instead of exploring, a narration of a Chinese tourist’s stay on your island will greatly comfort your potential clients.
3. No bad news
No matters what great event, or the cost efficiency, your island has, it won’t get bookings or sales from China if it’s in PR crisis, even if it’s only a rumor. This is a very important point.
Even your potential client don’t care about the bad news, his friends or relatives are ready to give him a cool down since it’s kind of duty to discourage your friend from going to a place talked bad in China.

Promotion Channel











Today, this market has been dominated by the big four, BATX.
B for Baidu, the No.1 search engine in Chinese, taking over 80% of the share
A for Alibaba Group, the biggest online ecommerce platform in China, even in the world
T for Tencent, the leading social platform owner, including Tencent QQ and Tencent WeChat
X for Xiecheng, or well-kown as C-trip, the top travel service provider in China

These four has occupied a big share of the total market, but it doesn’t mean you only have them to promote your island. The integration of travel experience share platforms, vertical websites and comprehensive media is necessary. Because your target, post 85 and post 90 are born with the internet, they live with the Internet and search; find information from those platforms and media.


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