Last time the popular comedy video celebrity Ms. Papi’ was recruited for advertising was as the spokesperson for Jaeger-LeCoultre. But this morning, New Balance China has launched a new campaign with Ms Papi featured running in New Balance trainers.

New Balance in China

This is the first marketing campaign for New Balance after  the 2017 Spring Festival, it revolves around the topic “a letter to my future”, they use the story of how Ms. Papi came to study, grow and excel in Beijing 12 years ago. “Although I didn’t experience any difficult or hurtful things, I always think I need and I can do something. But I never know what I will do.” The experiences of Ms. Papi are the typical feelings of a new generation of millennials growing up in a complex, modern China.


“We don’t need to run for the sunrise, keep on running, the sunrise will come.” This is what Ms. Papi answered when it came to her future. Typically when it comes to New Balance and the Chinese market, they choose professional sports stars in other countries but here instead we see them embracing online influencers in China.


Campaigns have previously featured Boris Berian, the world champion of the 800 meters at the Olympics who overcame a lot of pain and hurt, Milos Raonic, the world’s third-ranked male in tennis in 2016, and Alexis Sablone, who is both an architect and the world champion of X-sports as a skateboarder. In “a letter to my future” they have shown sporting spirit and determination, the message from New Balance is never give up.

Moving from sports stars to a leading online video influencer shows the importance of cyber celebrities for branding products to millennials, New Balance’s key market in China.


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