Western Style is still popular

Wu Han plans to invest ¥ 40 billion to build a European-style town in the next 3 to 5 years.

However, this eye-catching news got nothing but criticism from netizens.


Why do build European style in China? We should build something with Chinese style and we can never become European style no matter how big the budget is.


I think African style is more suitable because it’s cheaper.


That money is enough for US to hold 150 elections, lol

In fact, they are not against western-style, but the behavior of copying it.

From another case, you will see it.

Here are people’s comments on a picture about a small town in France.

@ 情脱decist:太美了,还是第一次看见这么美的地方。

It is so beautiful; I have never seen a nice place like that.


That’s the Europe I like!

Obviously, estate developers already know that so they keep on building more towns in European-style to attract people to move in no matter how they criticize.



It’s not the first European-style town in China and it will of course not be the last one because there are still many people who will pay to buy it.

In fact, not only in estate field, but also in other fields like tourism and food & beverage industry and kids’ wear, branding as western brand is still a effective method to attract customers.