Personalized gift: The personalization tends to be the key for the end of 2014

 Personalized gift and personalizing the buying experience for the e-customer are important and can become an asset for brands for the end of the year. Here is our focus on personalized gifts.

Christmas time

personalized gift

For every online shop, the end of each year is a crucial period and Christmas time is the goal!

At this season, there is a substantial increase of sales every year, from physical specialized shop to online multi-products selling website.

According to a French online survey Fedav/CSA about this period 2013, 72% of costumers use Internet to prepare their purchases, and 61% have already bought online (compared with 57% last year). An interesting point is that buying abroad doesn’t seem to be frightening anymore because 28% of them have done it. But the most important part of this online survey is that 98% of the e-costumers are satisfied of their online purchasing.

Customer’s awareness

The aim of this year will be to, at least, keep this rate of satisfaction and to increase the percentage of person buying online compare to the percentage of person looking for information or ideas.

E-costumers have become more aware of all commercial technic used on website and by seeing all different e-shop offering the same product they are looking for; they don’t hesitate to compare to choose. Moreover, the “Do It Yourself” trend pushes customers to look on Internet to create more original gift and goods for themselves. People can find lot of website to personalized and customized on their own, from the mugs to the towel for yourself or for gift.

Business’s awareness

Online shops have to be aware of that by turning a simply purchasing process into a real and enjoyable experience for the customer, to keep him and lead him until the completed order.

According to many marketing agencies and online survey, in 2014, companies have had to change their habits in different ways to adapt them to the new generation of e-costumers.

Between all those tricks, the personalization seems to be an important key to create a unique experience to catch the attention of our customers.

How to manage the personalization of the experience?

What is personalization? Is it just category fragmentation with a fancier name, or is there something deeper at play? It starts with fragmentation: from one size fits all to one size fits many and, ultimately, one size built to fit the complexities of you alone (but to understand it at all, it is much more complex than just this definition).

What the online survey suggests is to focus on 4 point to personalize the E-relationship:

Collecting information

You need first to have good sources and good information. To be successful at personalized marketing, a company must be able to collect information on the individual being marketed to. Thus, this form of marketing is especially popular on the Internet, since the Internet is a more interactive platform for communication between company and customer.

Personalizing the Web interface

In addition to making personalized recommendations, web pages can also be designed to display other content based on customer history; in fact, entire landing pages can be built out of this. Thus, when a customer arrives at the website, the referral source, geographic location, and purchase history can all influence what is presented on the page

Personalized Customer relationship, Offers and promotions.

Greeting somebody by first name is more engaging than “Dear customer,” but direct mailings can do so much more than that. Lead data can be integrated into the mailings, so that specific products or offers are highlighted accordingly. This is markedly easier with e-mail, but reductions in variable printing costs make it possible for physical mail as well. Moving from general promotion to highly personalized offer, based on data you could have collected will also help you to catch customer’s attention and reach the goals more easily.

Personalization of Products

online survey CHina

Looking on keyword online survey, it appears the term “Personalized Gift” (translated in the specific language every time) is, in average, monthly research 194 190 times in the United States of America, 204 900 times in United Kingdom, 18 100 times in France and 14 800 times in Germany.

The opportunity appears to be significant: An online survey of more than 1,000 online shoppers found that while less than 10% have tried customization options, 25% to 30% are interested in doing so.

Big companies has jumped on this idea, such as Coca-Cola by replacing its iconic logo with 250 popular names, and now you can even customize your own bottle. M&Ms did the same with more possibilityies of personalization, adding picture or creating wedding sweets. But there is also some smaller companies which have decided to be specialized in one product customable, like who offers to write the customer’s name on their bathrobes.

Marketing to an individual customer can be a lucrative method of generating increased sales, as long as the collection of data and the means of personalization are easy. Not every company will have the means to build out these capabilities internally, but in 2014 more companies has begun to realize that personalization cannot be ignored for the business to remain healthy. Consumers, additionally, have an increasing expectation of personalized communication tailored to their preferred environment.

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