The evolution of the price of smartphones in emerging markets

Currently the average price of a smartphone in emerging countries is $ 307. The IDC (International Data Corporation) analyst firm anticipates for 2017 an average price around 259$ on these markets.

Today the global smartphone market grew by 33% per year, in contrast, prices are down and fall 8% on average.

Thus, to be adapted to the demand of emerging market, brands will offer low-cost smartphones.

Growth prospects, the smartphone market in 2017

To analyst firm IDC, the growth prospects are promising.

In 2017, 460 million devices expected to be sold in a market exceeding $ 117 billion. 40% of smartphones will be 4G compatible against 7% in 2013.
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The fashion of “phablets” (smartphones with tablets, two in one) will not escape China: In 2017, the terminals with a screen greater or equal than 4-inch should take the 80% market share in China , against 65% today.

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The rise of LENOVO

Lenovo forecasts several big investments in the smartphone sector for the next years

$ 800 million was invested in the construction of a gigantic factory dedicated to the development and production of smartphones. The opening is scheduled for late 2013.

This plant will have a capacity of 10 000 jobs and will impact heavily on the smartphone market in China in the coming years.

The main objective of this investment will be to provide new terminals to Chinese customers. Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo said: “As one of the industry leaders, we are moving forward with aggressiveness in the PC and smartphone era, with the strong commitment of our group Mobile Internet Digital Home, we are accelerating the development of markets for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. “

Possible changes to the 2017 global horizons 

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