On February 10, Pinduoduo announced that the company will provide 1 billion yuan of special funds to encourage all businesses to continue to serve consumers during the outbreak of the coronavirus, and will continue to increase subsidies.

Pinduoduo reduces the burden for logistics and businesses

Recently, Pinduoduo issued a notice to express companies, Pinduoduo will provide subsidies to businesses that insist on bearing logistics subsidy costs, maintaining operations and providing delivery services to consumers during the outbreak of the virus, with a bonus of 2-3 yuan per order.

In addition, a Pinduoduo spokesman said that the delivery time for most orders between January 17 and February 10 has been extended to February 12, and the assessment time for delivery has been extended from 24 hours to 96 hours.

For goods purchased by consumers, Pinduoduo encourages merchants to communicate with consumers as soon as possible if they are out of stock or unable to deliver the goods. On the basis of protecting the rights and interests of consumers, the platform will adjust the rules of merchants according to the impact of the real-time situation of the coronavirus on logistics and storage, so as to reduce the burden of merchants as much as possible.

 Pinduoduo’s action for supporting Hubei

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Pinduoduo has been actively involved in the anti-epidemic action, providing maximum support from price control of anti-epidemic medical supplies, business subsidies, donated funds, materials, and other aspects.

On January 23, Pinduoduo has officially launched the “anti-epidemic special channel”, through the “10 billions subsidies” to fight against the coronavirus, and cover most of the related medical and health supplies and drugs, to ensure that emergency goods such as masks, thermometers, etc. are all being sold at a low price, to maintain sufficient supply.

On January 29, Zhejiang university and Pinduoduo announced the establishment of a special fund for the prevention and control of viral infectious diseases, with a scale of RMB 100 million. It is reported that the donation will be used to support the prevention and treatment of viral infections and respiratory infectious diseases, especially the new coronavirus epidemic support and scientific research.

On January 31, Pinduoduo announced that it would send 1 million medical masks, 20,000 protective suits, 200,000 medical gloves and 30 tons of imported disinfectant from Germany to Wuhan and other cities of Hubei province to alleviate the shortage of local medical supplies.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to donating medical supplies, Pinduoduo also sends vegetables and fruit to hospital canteens where resources are scarce. The first batch of 100 tons of fruits and vegetables will be delivered to four hospital canteens in Wuhan to meet the needs of 4,600 medical staff for a month. Pinduoduo said it would keep a real-time record of the fruit and vegetable inventory at frontline hospitals to ensure a quick response to emergency demand.


In addition to Pinduoduo, other e-commerce platforms are also doing their best to support Wuhan and Hubei province in the fight against the virus. Everyone hopes that the current situation can get better as soon as possible.


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