Ponds celebrates the Chinese Valentine’s Day


Last August 13th was the Chinese Valentine’s Day, July 7th in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. A double 7-digit date (In Chinese 七夕节 Qi Xi Jie) was another opportunity for brands to market their products.

Ponds 旁氏 (Pang Shi), the cosmetic brand from the group Unilever, has jumped on this opportunity to release many Weibo tweets yesterday, about the story behind the Chinese Valentine’s Day and also to promote its products, especially its new range of Whitening product.



The brand 

Ponds has been in the Chinese market already many years and is distributed in almost all traditional and online retailers that China counts: Supermarkets, Convenient Stores, Shopping Mall and online on Tmall, Jumei, Yi Hao Dian for the biggest ones.

With a core target on young and middle aged women of middle class, their products are very feminine with light pink color, packed in modern glass jars. The price of the products is quite affordable and the products style is mainly whitening emulsions, toner and cleanser. The positioning is clearly on the traditional expectations of the Chinese women while at the same time providing a western quality.


Social Network and Ambassador

Like all cosmetic brands in China, Ponds is on Weibo and released recently the fourth episode of its own series or micro-movies called “The two faces of Love” 爱情的两张脸 (Ai Qing De Liang Zhang Lian) showing a singer falling in love under another identity with a young men.

Official Weibo

The interesting point of this series is the main characters characteristics: White skin, pretty young age, and a story based on love. It gives a very quick idea on who are the customers of Ponds products, young girls, and their interest in stories, romance and complicated love. You can watch the fourth episode in below video:


If the link doesn’t work well, you can directly watch it on Youku at this address.

Watch also the recent advertisement of Ponds for its new range of whitening cleanser, starring Chinese actress Tang Yan (唐嫣):


If the link doesn’t work well, you can directly watch it on Youku at this address.


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