Black Mouses: Tour to China

BLACK MOUSES is a Belgium band, they have just release their first album: Induction,and now they are coming China to start their tour!


Friends for many years, the BLACK MOUSES put together very different musical experiences and influences. Their musical journeys have led them through Classical, Funk, and Jazz. However, it is in the land of pop rock that their feet are firmly grounded into. Their first Album is definitely a proof of this.

blackmouses in China

They are going to perform in four of China’s major cities : Ningbo, Nantong, Nanjing and finally Shanghai. Black Mouses are all excited about the upcoming shows in China. Members claimed that they wanted to offer something different. They worked tremendously hard on an original and out of the box set design, lights and projections to offer a musical and visual unique experience

There is no doubt that they get out of their comfort zone. “It is super exciting. The opportunity is too good to be refused,” they said. “Belgium is a strange country: or you’re known in Belgium and nowhere else, or you‘re known internationally but not recognized in your own country. We’ll try to play it both ways.”


It is time for Black Mouses to show that  when passionates take the stage and it must ROCK!

Their tour to China will be in four cities:

  • Ning Bo 17/10 CMK Live house
  • Nan Tong 18/10 Void Live house
  • Nanjing 24/10 Zebra Bar
  • Shanghai 25/10 育音堂 Yuyintang

If you can’t wait to see them or want to know more about them go and check them out on their website

You can watch their latest music video when she comes below, enjoy!

A partir du 17 Octobre à Ningbo il sera temps de montrer de quoi sont capable des passionnés de musique lorsqu’ils montent sur scène. Let’s Rock!

Si vous ne pouvez pas attendre, aller donc jeter un coup d’oeil à leur dernier clip ci-dessous 😉

Check their  Youku Chanel


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