Hot Topics in China this Week

1. Issue of disputed island

The tense situation has lasted for over two weeks.
Because of the massive reports of official media, it is still one of the most popular issues this week.

Even taxi drivers will talk about how Taiwanese and Japanese ships sprayed water at each other and how some young people are crazy and innocent in the mobs.

2. Corrupted official

There happened a severe traffic accident in Yan An, an inland city in the China West when all China is looking at disputed islands in the east.

The smiling official at site

If the official didn’t smile at site, this topic won’t still stay popular now; if he didn’t wear his luxury watches, people would probably not hate him so much for his cold smile at site.

The smiling official with his watches

However, from this watch, people start “Ren Rou Sou Suo” (literally, human flesh hunting, means Internet mass hunting) and discover that he has over 5 luxury watches and each of them costs over ¥50,000. The “Ren Rou Sou Suo” also discovered that his eye-glasses costs over ¥14,000!
Now, the discipline inspection commission has double designated him from both the Chinese Communist Party and government and the investigation will still carry on.
For him, 2012 is what the Mayan Prophecies say.

3. Gangnam Style

It’s not necessary to explain more about the video, in China, it is also extremely popular now. It has been played tens of millions of times on internet. What’s more, people not only watch but also perform and shoot videos.

This video shows how some of the “Styles” created.