PR Agency in China

Gentlemen Marketing Agency has years of experience in
managing Press Releases in China to convey our clients messages
to the Chinese audience. In China we mainly do PR because it spreads faster,
to a wider audience and is more cost-efficient.

How do we help you with PR in China?

Contact Journalists

We have more than 2500 journalists in our database


We can help you with targeted personal branding


PR & media exposure help you increase the popularity of your brand


Detailed Reporting

We provide detailed monthly reports & analysis.

Choose your target

Before starting a Press Relations campaign, it is necessary to deeply understand the positioning and the angle for the products & services that companies want to promote. Clear KPI targets must be set & the news habits of your demographic analysed. Our agency, with much experience in PR projects, will help you select the right publication sources.

Choosing a Support

In China, there are many types of media. These can be general, professional, or specialized niches. Depending on the target market segments, different types of media are used. Specialist press relations are very important because readers are already filtered. The specialized press is also the gathering place for Chinese web analysts (known as KOL: Key Opinion Leaders), who play an important role in China. Our agency is in contact with KOLs which can promote your products.

Create content

The quality of content is critical to the success of a Press Relations campaign in China. The criteria for press relations in China is very different. For the Chinese, it is the beautiful stories & narratives that prove most effective over quantitative data. Generally, articles or videos telling a story that is emotionally led are more interesting and appealing. We help you tailor your content to have the greatest effect on the Chinese audience. Our agency can help you create a story, a buzz and  most importantly demonstrate that you are newsworthy business with clout in the Chinese market.

Good Relationships with Journalists

Creating and maintaining good relations with Chinese journalists is very important for good press relations in China. These are the people who directly showcase your company’s product or services. Our agency is in contact with more than 2500 journalists as well as with local influencers in a variety of fields. We can leverage relationships to propel your brand.

Marketing to China it's also an Agency

We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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Frequently Asked Question about PR in China

Why not use the traditional Chinese press?

Government censorship caused the Chinese to lose confidence in the traditional media and turn towards digital sources. Additionally, the internet allows users to source information easily and for free. Finally, there is the possibility of exchanging comments and opinions on a large number of subjects with active users to obtain reliable information on a given subject.

How to ensure content is relevant for the China market?

Trending topics, subjects, keywords, events & national holidays all provide the chance for savy brands & business to tap into the pulse of social communication and increase the relevancy of their content. By referencing popular trends and adapting to them you also increase engagement levels and the viewing figures for your featured content.

Is the traditional press completely redundant?

In China, as in much of the world, the traditional press is largely redundant. For example, there is 50 times more readers for Sina News, a digital media than Cankaoxiaoxin, the most widely distributed newspaper in China!

Why Gentlemen Agency?

  1. We have a database of 2500 journalists in China and connections with 1 000 media agencies
  2. Good suport/ service
  3. Clear KPI/publication targets in the media
  4. Customized selection of media
  5. Responsiveness to PR crisis
  6. Advanced translation & adaptation for Chinese contexts