Social Media in China is a Powerful way to launch and develop Brands in 2020. With 25hours spending on Social media every week, Chinese People are Social Consumers.


In China, there are around 900 million internet users and 91% of Chinese online users have a social media account, in comparison with the U.S. where around 67% of the online population has a social media account.

Around 900 Million people use mobile devices to access to Internet. Every day, Chinese netizens spend an average of 46 minutes on social media platforms.

Internet user follows an average of eight brands and over 38% of Chinese netizens make purchasing choices based on recommendations that they find and read on social media platforms.

95% of Chinese netizens are using social media (source eMarketer) 


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Social Media in China

In order to increase your brand presence, it is mandatory to have an active presence on social media platforms.

In China, more than in other countries, Chinese users spend more time online and because of that, companies have to deepen their knowledge about social media networks.

Engagement is the key to social Media

As reported by OgilvyOne, over 55% of Chinese users had participated in online discussions about brands and that discussions are able to directly affect businesses.

5-chinese-social-networks-you-need-to-watch-social media China

Nowadays, the importance of understanding what customers are saying about a brand through social media networks has become the only way to be truly visible and stand out from the crowd.

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Social Media Strategy in China



Content is the Basis of all Social Media Strategy in China!

Some of the most important social networks in China are WeChat, Sina Weibo, RED and Douyin.

WeChat: the Leading Social Media in China

WeChat is the number 1 social network is known as Weixin in China. This platform includes texts messages, voice messaging, video, games, e-commerce, and mobile payments.

In 2020 Wechat counts 1 Billion Users

It is the first App used in China.

WeChat has to be considered by brands seeking to engage consumers directly. The platform allows brands to target ads according to age, gender, and region in order to reach more potential customers. One of the most common strategies in Wechat is offering unique content and access to special offers. Through this strategy, brands have a positive impact on consumer loyalty help to increase the brand reputation.

When brands are planning their marketing strategies, they should consider these different points:

  • WeChat Content

Wechat is totally different to the Western Social network. If you want to reach a lot of Chinese customers you have to adapt your content to their needs. Chinese customers look for rich, authentic and relevant content. They are tired to see the same content. So, for an efficient WeChat campaign, you have to work on your content. WeChat content marketing is must be consistently good.

  • Creative Posts H5

As Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc, on Wechat you can also make a post. This feature allows you to share all your services or products with all your followers. This is a great way to increase your visibility and engage more customers because they are very interested by innovative and creative posts. You can publish 5 types of contents such as video, text, audio, picture and picture with text. Actually, many brands incorporate H5 pages into their posts and official account. in order to optimize their WeChat and increase the quality of user experience.

  • Promotion Group

After the publication of your content, you have to promote it in your Community through some Wechat groups. It’s always important to be a member of some groups. You can also create your own group but make sure you have a lot of followers

  • Advertising

If you want to succeed in your business in China, it is essential to have a sensitive and effective presence on the social network.  It’s important to understand how WeChat work and the subtleties of this mobile application.

The most familiar way for advertising on Wechat is to promote on WeChat Moments. WeChat moment ads were launched in early 2015. WeChat Advertising is the most effective way to increase engagement in China on the nation’s number one social media tool.

Sina Weibo


5812042373_b1a11b5858_bAnother popular social platform is the microblogging website called Sina Weibo. This platform is known like the “Chinese Twitter” due to its similar aspect. The same as Twitter, allows members to post 140 characters including videos, pictures and links.

Sina Weibo has around 550 million users and is ideal for brands in order to get customers’ feedback, engage in conversations with members and promote themselves. Brands have to focus their efforts in creating relevant and highly shareable content.

  • Native Ads

Weibo, one the Chinese most famous social network, is the must-know tool for the marketers who want to engage in Chinese digital marketing area. However, to do advertise on Weibo is not an easy thing due to its various ad options and functions.

There are 4 types of Weibo advertising:

  1. Banner Advertisements: It’s more like a backlink that leads you to the advertiser’s homepage when you click it.
  2. Weibo Search Engine Promotion: It’s Weibo search bar which provides the hot search list and the ads search keyword will be listed on the top within a tag “promotion”
  3. Fan Headline (“Fanstop”): a popular option for advertising on Weibo, it will help to promote your account or the content you post on Weibo directly or via other famous Accounts.
  4. Fan Tunnel: It could help you target a much larger group of Weibo users. It is not hard to understand because its based on the whole of Weibo’s users.
  • KOL The new Social Phenom

The influencer marketing in China is changing because now new players are taking part in this new trend. You can call them KOL(Key Opinion Leader) or bloggers, they are the new biggest influencers in China. The performance of KOLs is closely related to their engagement with their followers. They are able to influence a lot of customers decisions just through their articles, the post, videos or comments about a brand or products.


Social Media show your lifestyle in China

Social media has become essential in the Chinese lifestyle. Consumers use these platforms to find and share information and opinions about products and services.

For businesses with a presence in China, including social media platforms in their marketing strategies is an effective way to engage with consumers. Social networks are also useful to develop consumer research, launch products, and manage crises.

Little Red Book’: An E-commerce Shopping App for Foreign Products

“little red book” is a social e-commerce shopping app based in Shanghai, with aim target Chinese women aged between 18 and 35-year-old. This platform helps users discover and buy luxury products from overseas, share shopping tips and swap fashion ideas. With more than 15 million active users and sales of 700 million RMB to the end of September, the app has considerably gained the attention of shoppers and investors both in China and abroad.

The site has good partnerships with many U.S., Japanese and Korean brands, including Japanese skincare company SK-II, designers Vivienne Westwood and Anna Sui, and nutrition company GNC. Moreover, RED also has mini guidebooks for shopping in the U.S., France and other fashion Shop.


Launched in December 2010, Zhihu is Chinese question-and-answer website for Chinese internet users who want to seek expert insights into various areas. Basically started as an invitation-only Q&A platform for tech-savvy and entrepreneurial minds, it opened registration in 2013 to everyone. Since then, its topics have diversified to cover popular topics from movies, games, and culture, as well as IT and finance.

2016 was an important transition for Zhihu: they were able to monetize through the launch of new services, including institutional accounts, ads, cooperation with book stores, and Zhihu Live.


Live-streaming is now very popular among young Chinese who view it as an easy way to become famous and make lots of money. Then, there is Meipai, a China’s popular short video service operated by the Hong Kong-listed selfie touch-up app Meitu.

Chinese internet users are attracted to live streaming by the prospects of making lots of money. For example, Papi Jiang, one of China’s top online celebrities, made over 50 million yuan (U$7.56 million) in 2016 by posting short videos to entertain her 25.76 million followers on Weibo.

Douyin (hot in 2020)

Douyin (Tiktok) is a Bytedance’s app. This video of social media has surpassed 400 million daily active users in 2020. Douyin in 2019 was created by independent Chinese artists.

Douyin’s original music push amid Bytedance’s stalemate with major global music labels, which have been seeking higher royalties.

Douyin is a great APP for marketing.

You can leverage the APP with



Our Cases Studies


WeWOOD Watches are 100% Natural wood watches made from reclaimed and repurposed woods of various varieties from around the world.


  • WeChat: 4 articles which gained +1 984  quality followers, 5 906  views per month.
  • WeChat store 30 watches sold per month.
  • Weibo 15 posts & 1 event which gained total 1 173 followers, 254 525 views, 794  shares, 647  comments and 366  likes.
  • E-reputation 4 posts on different quality social platforms and 2 press releases on 8 top popular media.
  • Little Red Book A new store opened in little red book.

Les Georgettes

Les Georgettes, a French brand of bracelets with interchangeable leathers to create your bracelet according to your desires.


  • Wechat

Daily management / Interactive topic / Special Event

  • Weibo

Daily management / Interactive topic / Event


  • Wechat: 4 articles which gained 1 259 quality followers, 14 252 views this month.
  • Weibo: 21 posts & 1 event which gained total 2 370  followers, 426 004 views, 482  shares , 773  comments and  507  likes this month.


Missions & Results:

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Targeted Promotion

Kol promotion is one of the most effective ways to spread brand awareness.

Keep KOL promotion

Target audiences love to engage with us

Good Engagement

Now we have good results for E-reputation


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