Brands need to leverage Social media in China in 2017 to reach Chinese Consumers. China is the world’s biggest social network market in the world. 

Chinese users are more likely to purchase products recommended by other social networks users.

In China there are around 634 million internet users and 91% of Chinese online users have a social media account, in comparison with U.S. where around 67% of online population have a social media account.

Around 500 people use mobile devices to access to internet. Every day, Chinese netizens spend an average of 46 minutes on social media platforms.

Internet user follows an average of eight brands and over 38% of Chinese netizens make purchasing choices based on recommendations that they find and read on social media platforms.

Social Media in China

social media in China

In order to increase your brand presence, it is mandatory to have an active presence on social media platforms.

In China, more than in other countries, Chinese users spend more time online and because of that, companies have to deepen their knowledge about social media networks.

As reported by OgilvyOne, over 55% of Chinese users had participated in online discussions about brands and that discussions are able to directly affect businesses.

5-chinese-social-networks-you-need-to-watch-social media China

Nowadays, the importance of understanding what customers are saying about a brand through social media networks has become become the only way to be truly visible and stand out from the crowd.

Content is the Basis of all Social Media Strategy in China !

Some of the most important social networks in China are WeChat, Sina Weibo and Qzone.


WeChat ( ) is the number 1 social network is known as Weixin in China. This platform includes texts messages, voice messaging, video, games, e-commerce and mobile payments.

In 2017 Wechat counts 950 Millions Users and is the first App used in China.

WeChat has to be considered by brands seeking to engage consumers directly.


The platform allows brands target ads according to age, gender and region in order to reach more potential customers.

One of the most common strategies in Wechat is offer unique content and access to special offers. Through this strategy, brands have a positive impact on consumer loyalty and helps to increase the brand reputation.

When brands are planing its marketing strategies, should consider WeChat.

Sina Weibo:

Another popular social platform is the microblogging website called Sina Weibo ( ) . This platform is known like the “Chinese Twitter” due to its similar aspect. The same as Twitter, allows members to post 140 characters including videos, pictures and links.


Brands have to focus their efforts in create relevant and highly shareable content.

Sina Weibo has around 500 million users and is ideal for brands in order to get customers’ feedback , engage in conversations with members and promote themselves.


QZone is one of the most successful social networking website in China with more than 600 million users. This platform allows users to write blogs, watch videos, send photos and listen to music.

Qzone is an attractive social network for brands due to its flexibility. Companies can customize pages, integrate multimedia content and applications and also they can create fully customizable microsites.


Through this platform, brands have the chance to create original experiences for their consumers.

Social media has become essential in the Chinese lifestyle. Consumers use these platforms to find and share information and opinions about products and services.

For businesses with presence in China, include social media platforms in their marketing strategies is an effective way to engage with consumers. Social networks are also useful to develop consumer research, launch products, and manage crises.


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