How to promote reading in an original way


Two book sellers of Shanghai and Nanjing, owned by the Singaporean Popular Holdings just launched a very special press campaign: “Naked Reading”. It targets the promotion of books and reading in a very original way: with naked women, just covered by a book.


A buzz in China ?

The campaign says that “reading naked makes your soul closer to the books”. Of course some people disliked this ad and said that it corrupts our youth.

The pictures of the campaign are quite explicit: half naked women, in front of a book shelve, or sitting with a book covering the intimate parts. That’s a way to attract the consumers, maybe a little bit tendentious. But Popular Holding says: “There is no limit to reading, it enters every domain of life”.


Readers themselves wondered if this campaign would really have an impact on readers, or if the book sellers were just sullying their own reputation with a tantalizing behavior, doing they also offer books on sale. A spokesperson confirmed that inciting people to read more books is important, in order to secure the book industry, and that the campaign is not pornographic.


Chinese vision …

The Vice President of Popular Book mall, Dong Chengxu, declare: “It’s a type of innovation, we only want to bring something fun and new in the traditional bookstores. We expected complaints and bad comments, but we were very careful choosing the images. For us it’s only a new way to communicate with books lovers, and we are happy to explain that to the audience.”


Between bad feeling and amusement, at least the campaign make the people react and don’t let them indifferent.

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