Promotion of the breast cancer prevention in China !


The Kerry Hotel in Shanghai created a new world record for largest ball pit in the world.

The hotel’s swimming pool was filled with 1 million colorfull bubble balls. The record breaking event was part of the hotel’s Pink October campaign, which aimed to raise awareness and funds to help fight breast cancer !


ball happy party China    ball party

Participants throw balls into the air in a swimming pool filled with pink and green plastic balls during a Guinness World Records attempt of the Largest Ball Pit as part of the "Pink October" campaign at Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai

ballpit partysources  photos :  Yahoo, reuter, Shanghaiexpat

The Hotel GM described the event as being full with ‘one million wishes’; many of the balls in the pool had people’s wishes written. One of the balls reads ‘better future for mankind

The pool was described by Kerry Hotel General Manager Peter Clarke as being filled with “one million wishes,” as many of the balls had hand-written wishes on them. One even read, “No hungry children.”

ball marketing Part of the “Pink October” campaign

This event aims to raising awareness of the terrible breast cancer prevention!

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the swimming pool was 82 ft long by 41 ft wide (or 25 meters by 12.6 meters).

ball hotel marketing

Check out the look on some of these people’s faces! According to the Kerry Hotel, 300 guests were recovering cancer patients volunteered from the “Cancer Recovery Club”.


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